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e-Cloth Grooming Mitt
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The dual-sided Cleaning Mitt can be used wet or dry. It quickly and easily removes dirt and mud from all sizes of pet and all types of fur, leaving it clean and shiny. Use it at bath time too.

As well as cleaning, the high capacity and rapid absorption of the long-fronded side, makes it great for drying. It's perfect for cleaning the underside or around the legs and tail areas

  • Dual sided Groom & Massage Mitt removes dirt, bacteria and loose hair while providing a gentle massaging action that leaves fur with a glossy natural sheen
  • Includes specially created grooming fibers to remove loose hair
  • Two-tone side (grayish) cleans and polishes - grooms away loose hair and debris from pet's coat
  • Cream side great for gently grooming around facial area
  • Guaranteed for 300 Machine washes
  • size: 11" x 5.9"

Type: Grooming

Vendor: e-Cloth

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