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Welcome to the world of angus

We believe that dogs have preferences to go along with their awesome personalities. World of Angus
is a lifestyle brand built from your dog's perspective. We create products that are designed to make
the things they do every day that much better.



The dog bed 

Made from human grade memory foam, give your
pup the best sleep of their lives.As they sleep, the
bed molds to their bodies to provide support and
relieve tension and stress.

the dog shampoo

All the grooming products by World of
Angus are handmade in Toronto, Canada.
We only use natural, organic and
biodegradable ingredients that are safe
for your pup.

The dog blanket

This stylish, oversized fleece blanket is water
repellent and anti-microbial. Perfect for keeping
your best bud right beside you while keeping
your stuff looking nice.

The dog sweater

The Dog Sweater from World of Angus is soft,
comfortable, and lightweight while will keeping
your pup warm during cool fall nights through
cold winter walks.