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Bed Time Dog Bed Bundle

When your pup isn't running after balls, investigating smells around the house, or curled up with you on the couch, he's probably sleeping. In fact, the average dog spends about 50% of its life asleep! That's why we created The Dog Bed. It's a revolutionary dog bed that is a lifetime investment for your pup's health and well-being.

Made from human grade memory foam, as your pup sleeps their body temperature increases, softening and staying firm where they need it. This custom support relieves both tension and stress.

Because every dog has its own personality, every dog needs bedding just for them.

The Bed Time Dog Bed Cover is made from a cotton, poly fleece blend in Canada. The Dog Bed Cover is water repellent and anti-microbial. 

Exclusive to World of Angus. 100% machine washable.

Two sizes available to fit your pup, no matter what size or breed they may be.


  • 6" of the highest quality memory foam
  • Soft, durable, and energy absorbent
  • Actively conforms to your dog's body in response to heat and pressure 
  • Medium: 34" x 26"
  • Large: 40" x 30"
  • XLarge: 53" x 37"
Grey - Sold Out
Pink - Sold Out
  • 6" of the highest quality memory foam
  • Soft, durable, and energy absorbent
  • Actively conforms to your dog's body in response to heat and pressure

The Dog Bed from World of Angus comes in very unique packaging. We compress, roll, and vac-pac the bed for easy and effecient shipping.

How to unbox.

  1. Make sure the World of Angus box is standing upright so that the print is right side up. 
  2. Open the top of the box and remove the slip cover and instructions.
  3. Remove the mattress.
  4. Using a pair of clean kitchen scissors, carefully cut the plastic covering the full length of the mattress. 
  5. Remove the mattress from the plastic and set on the floor, white side up, zipper down. Let the mattress fully expand for one minute.

How to add a World of Angus dog bed cover:

  1. Remove the plastic from the bed cover and discard.
  2. Completely open the zipper.
  3. With screened side up on cover, and white side up on the bed, carefully pull the bed cover over the long side of the mattress until the cover is tight against the far side of the mattress.
  4. Pull the bed cover corners over the mattress on the closest side.
  5. Zip up the cover.
  6. Place the bed on the floor, print side up.  
What Makes the Dog Bed So Special?
Made from human grade memory foam, as your pup sleeps their body temperature increases, softening and staying firm where they need it. This custom support relieves both tension and stress.
Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes
Whether you’ve got a restless and active young pup in need of a good night’s sleep or an aging dog who could use a comfortable, supported, and restful snooze, we’ve got you covered.
Human grade memory foam
Give your dog the best sleep of their life. Four inches of high density foam with a springy top layer for balanced comfort. Actively conforms to your dog’s body in response to heat and pressure. Honestly, you’ll want this mattress for yourself.
Easy shipping, fast set up
We compress, roll, and vac-pac the bed for easy and efficient shipping. Setup is a breeze - just pull the giant zipper and watch your bed spring to life.
Guaranteed for life
If anything should go wrong with your mattress we will replace it immediately. Yup, just like that.
pug on a bed

The Dog Bed from World of Angus was created with your pup's health in mind. Both senior dogs and young pups will benefit from sleeping on this bed. Here are some of the health benefits your furry friend will experience:

  • Temperature Regulation: Painful joints and muscles have increased heat so hotter areas mould and conform to the body, allowing for better regulating their temperature as they snooze. Thanks to the open cell foam, the bed is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Breathable: Enhances air circulation from one part of the mattress to the other.
  • Natural Spinal Alignment: The Dog Bed produces an ideal sleeping posture with the body weight evenly distributed, keeping your dog's spine in natural alignment. With 6 inches of memory foam it's perfect for every breed, including large dogs. 
  • Isolates and Minimizes Movement: Your dog will be cradled along its natural lines and curves, decreasing movement by 90%. This reduces the amount of times your dog will wake, resulting in a more restful sleep.
  • Daily Pain Relief: When used on a daily basis, The Dog Bed from World of Angus is fantastic at relieving pain, aches, soreness, fatigue, and much more. It prevents and relieves painful pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and elbows. Fewer pressure points means decreased pain, means a more restful sleep. The firmness of the bed improves blood circulation by relieving pressure on those points.
  • Increased Cell Regeneration Capability: The Dog Bed enhances the body’s ability to recover quickly from injury by reducing and displacing pressure points.
  • Allergy Friendly: The increased density of the memory foam prevents dust mites, a common cause of allergies in dogs, from collecting.

Young, active, sporting, or otherwise healthy dogs can also benefit from regularly restful sleeps on The Dog Bed from World of Angus. Remember that your pup ages seven times faster than humans, so preventative care is extremely important in dogs of all ages.

  • Preventative Health Care: Make sure you pup lives a long and active life by giving them the opportunity for a supportive and restful night's sleep. The Dog Bed provides meaningful relief on a daily basis in dogs who are used to a large amount of activity.
  • Breeds Pre-disposed to Hip/Bone/Joint Problems: Many medium to large breeds commonly experience these issues as they age. These breeds include:
    • Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Old English Sheepdog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Alaskan Malamute, Labrador Retriever, and Samoyed.
  • Extremely Active Dogs: Reduces pain and discomfort in dogs that are extremely active such as those competing in athletic events.

As dogs age they can experience a series of problems that can contribute to difficulties sleeping. The Dog Bed by World of Angus is the perfect solution for your aging pup's aches and pains. 

Arthritis is the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs. It causes stiffness, limping, lethargy, and touch aversion. And it's becoming much more common among aging dogs. A 2012 study showed that the prevalence of arthritis had increased 38-40% over the previous 5 years and that 31% of dog owners now say that bone and joint problems are an issue for their pet. 

  • Daily Pain Relief: The Dog Bed from World of Angus will help to add years to their life and life to their years. With a comfortable, supported, and restful sleep, The Dog Bed improves their quality of life and eases pain for dogs with arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, and other muscle, joint, and bone problems.
  • Temperature Regulation: Keeping an elderly/arthritic dog warm is influential in decreasing sore and stiff joints. Our pet bed retains heat providing extra warmth during the cold months.
  • Breathability: The mattress and reduction in pressure points promotes healthier circulation to the extremities decreasing chronic pain symptoms.