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The 5-Second Dog Parka
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Dogs are our best friends. They do everything with us. And when winter rolls around, there is no stopping them. Winter dog jackets need to be easy to get on, keep your dog warm and active, and last a lifetime. The jacket you wear in the winter is all of these things, why shouldn't your dog's be?

Getting your dog into a winter jacket when he is excited to get outside can be a challenge. Most jackets require your dog to lift his legs and awkwardly fit them through holes that may not properly fit. Chest sizes vary dramatically from breed to breed and make picking the right size difficult. And then, when you finally find a jacket that sort of works, it only lasts a season or two and then you have to do it all over again.

It doesn't have to be this way.

That's why we designed the 5-Second Dog Parka. The world's easiest and fastest fitting winter dog jacket.

Dog jackets on the market today are not designed with your pup in mind. They are modified human coats and require your dog to lift his legs into arm holes and button or zip up the chest - movements that can be an issue for senior dogs, easily distracted puppies, or any high energy dog raring to get outside and explore.

Our design was the result of many prototypes and a year of testing. We wanted to design a jacket that had very few moving parts but still have the ability to be adaptable.

With a self adjusting neck, one clip, and Velcro sides, the 5-Second Dog Parka is the easiest fitting jacket you'll ever put on your dog. Simply follow these steps:

  • Slide the parka over your pup's head
  • Adjust the midsection clip
  • Smooth out the Velcro sides - you're done!

Sizing? No problem.

How many times have you torn your hair out trying to figure out what size to order your pup in any sweater, jacket or coat? Chest sizes are a challenge when fitting a dog. That's why the widely used front closure is problematic. If you measure the chest incorrectly, the jacket just won't fit. Trying to use the typical manufacturer's size chart is risky too many measurements and too easy to make a mistake.

With the 5-Second Dog Parka, you only have to give us one measurement - from your pup's neck to the base of their tail - and we guarantee our parka will fit, regardless of what shape, size, or breed they are. And with our functional design, every dog from a Yorkie to a Great Dane will be able to run, jump, explore, and move freely, no matter the weather.

What Makes the 5-Second Dog Parka So Special?
Made from human grade memory foam, as your pup sleeps their body temperature increases, softening and staying firm where they need it. This custom support relieves both tension and stress.
Get Outside, Fast
With a self-adjusting neck, one clip, and velcro sides, this parka is a breeze to get on your pup. Whether you have a senior dog with movement issues or a high energy puppy raring to go, they’ll be able to get outside - in 5 seconds or less!
Custom Fit For Every Dog
With only one measurement - your dog’s neck to the base of their tail - we guarantee it will fit, regardless of their shape, size, chest, or breed. And the functional design ensure they’ll be able to run, jump, move, and explore freely, no matter the weather.
Premium Materials
With premium Thinsulate lining, a perfectly balanced Canadian goose down fill, a soft and cozy microfleece lining and an incredibly durable water and snow-resistant shell, this jacket can take anything your pup throws at it!
Five Year Warranty
No more buying your best friend a coat every season - this is it! Our incredibly durable fabric and the workmanship we put into it gives us the confidence to offer our industry-leading 5 Year Guarantee.

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