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Toreros Pizzle Chews
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Toreros (pronounced tuh-rair-ohz) is Spanish for bullfighter. While we don't recommend sticking your pup in a pen with a bull, these pizzle sticks are made with lots of tasty stuff that's great for your dog's health.

Toreros Blueberry and Super Green pizzles are both made from 100% all-natural bullystick from hormone-free North American bulls. 

The Super Green Chews are stuffed with kale, parsley and spinach powder. These tasty treats deliver vital nutrients such as beta carotene, calcium, iron, potassium and freshen breath.

The Blueberry Chews are stuffed with anti-oxidant rich blueberry extract. This low fat, high protein chew aids digestion and promotes optimal oral and eye health.


Type: Snacks

Vendor: Toreros

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