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7 Signs You Might Need A New Veterinarian

Finding the right veterinarian for your dog isn't an easy task. You may look for word of mouth recommendations from friends and family or you may look up veterinarian reviews online. Eventually you'll find a clinic. You won't know for sure if this vet is the right vet for you and your dog until you have had some interactions with them. 

Here are 7 signs that you might need to keep your search going and find a new veterinarian:

1. They never get your dog's name right

Look - I know that vets see A LOT of animals, but if they can't be bothered to read the information before they speak with you, what makes you think they'll put any thought or effort into actually treating your dog?

2. They're dismissive of your concerns

The internet is the bane of many a doctor's existence, but most will at least hear you out when it comes to your WebMD self-diagnosis. Similarly, most vets will and should listen to you when it comes to you dog's health. Any vet that dismisses you outright should be turfed. 

3. They're impatient with your dog

These vets are the worst. All dogs need to be handled differently and any vet that is impatient with your dog in any way isn't worth their salt.

4. They don't keep proper records

This is a big one. If a veterinarian's office doesn't know how or when or why they've treated your dog in the past, run the other way. Seriously. 

5. The can't be bothered to send reminders or holiday cards

We get fun cards in the mail addressed to our dog and family. It shows the vet's office is thinking about your dog and cares. You want a vet that cares.

6. They lack empathy 

Empathy is such an important trait. When your dog is sick or when you need to make the tough decision to end your dog's suffering, you need a vet that can empathize with you. 

7. They're just a jerk

If the vet is a jerk to you, chances are they'll be a jerk to your dog when treating him or her.


I hope that none of you reading this can relate to any of the above and that you all have wonderful veterinarians. If not, find someone new. It'll be for your sake and more importantly, your dog's sake.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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