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10 Times Dogs Broke The Guinness Book of World Records

Dogs like to show off. They’re kind of like people that way. Then there are people that like to show off their dogs. It is for this reason the Guinness Book of World Records has an entire section dedicated to dogs.

We want to know the fastest, the biggest, the smallest, the fattest, and the tallest.

Here are 10 dogs that hold or have held Guinness World Records:

1. Longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder

Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog pulled off this record by skateboarding through a tunnel comprised of 30 humans in Lima, Peru on November 15, 2014. Pretty impressive feat, Otto!

2. Fastest time for a dog to retrieve a person from water (25 meters)

Jack the Black vom Muehlrad Newfoundland dog took only 1 minute 36.812 seconds to retrieve his handler Hans-Joachim Brueckmann from the water at a distance of 25 meters. The record was set in Germany on June 11, 2013. I’d like Jack to be around at all times when I’m swimming.

3. Fastest 5 meters on front paws by a dog

Konjo, a half papillon, quarter Jack Russell, and a quarter chihuahua was just showing off when he went 5 meters on his front paws in just 2.39 seconds. Konjo set the record in the United States on December 22, 2014.

4. Most balls caught by a dog with the paws in one minute

If Konjo was showing off, Purin the beagle was REALLY showing off when she caught 14 balls with her paws in one minute. Purin set the record in Japan on March 22, 2015.

5. Highest jump by a dog

Cinderella May, a Holly gray soared to new heights on October 7, 2006 when she jumped an incredible 68 inches. I don’t think I could match those hops.

6. Tallest dog ever

The aptly named Zeus, a Great Dane set the record for tallest dog at a staggering 44 inches!

7. Smallest dog living (height)

On the opposite end of the height spectrum stands Milly the chihuahua. Milly is an adorable 3.8 inches tall.

8. Longest tongue current - dog

Puggy, a male Pekingese set the current record for the longest tongue (for a dog) back on May 8, 2009. His tongue is taller than Milly! It measures at a whopping 4.5 inches.

9. Fastest 10 meters on a walking globe by a dog - backwards

This is one of the newer records in the books. A dog named Sailor made it 10 meters backwards on a walking glove in 17.06 seconds on February 5, 2016. Not content with the backwards record, Sailor also set the record going forward.

10. Loudest bark by a group of dogs

This one was a group effort. We all know how loud it can get when all the dogs in the neighborhood start barking, but a group of dogs in Washington Park, Colorado set the record for the loudest bark by a group of dogs. The 76 dogs were measured at a deafening 124 dB!

There you have it. 10 unique records set by some unique and impressive dogs. I hope Milly and Zeus meet one day.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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