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Why Dogs Are The Best Wing "Men"

Dogs are the eternal ice breaker. People are way more likely to say hi and strike up a conversation with a dog than a person. And since those conversations tend to be pretty one-sided, owners usually need to pick up the slack.

Dogs attract people

They're cute, they're cuddly, they love attention. Your pup is a living people magnet. As soon as you become a dog owner, you immediately start meeting anyone who likes dogs even a little bit. 

They lead by example

Dogs can make friends faster than you can get to the dog park. If they find someone they like, they aren't afraid of running up to say hi. 

They can sniff out the bad seeds

When your pup makes a new human pal, you know that they are a more than likely a good person. Dogs can be a great judge of character. If you dog likes someone, that is a good sign that they are someone that you will like too.  

They keep you active

People with dogs need to get out of the house no matter what. Your dog needs a walk and to play and to run around. That means you are doing more walking and playing too. 

Your dog also gets you out of the house and over to the dog park where countless potential suitors are just waiting to meet you and your pup.

They won't try to steal your date

While you have to concede that your wing-pup is probably infinitely cuter than you, you know that at the end of the day your love interest isn't likely to pick the pup over you. At least we hope not...

They're there for you when you're down 

Getting rejected is the pits. But when your dog is your wing man, you know you've got your best bud by your side. Your dog is a pro at perking you back up when you're down in the dumps. 



Anna Wellman
Anna Wellman


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