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Meet The Project That Involves Dog Food And Saving Millions Of Stray Dogs Lives

It all sounds so simple. A food that can sterilize a dog in one meal. That's what non-profit organization 600 Million has set out to create.

Fronted by the former co-founder of PETA, Alex Pacheco, 600 Million is aiming to change the lives of stray dogs around the world. By preventing unwanted litters and decreasing the homeless dog population, Pacheco seeks to make the world a better place not only for dogs, but for humans too.

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In countries that do not have the resources or do not believe in spay and neuter efforts, sterilization food is the only hope to end over population, but it's benefiting humans too.

Stray dogs account for 95% of deaths by rabies, roughly about 55,000 deaths a year. By controlling the stray dog population globally, rabies rates and deaths from rabies will drop drastically - so what's the hold up?

It's fair to speculate that the veterinarian industry is concerned people will stop bringing their dogs in for spay and neuters when people can do the same with a simple meal. However with the recent arrival of injectable sterilization, it seems a lot more alternative ways of fixing dogs is coming to the forefront.

Funding has been an issue, clinical trials are expensive as are the other costs incurred in creating such a product. Celebrities like David Duchovny have stepped forward to encourage people to get involved but it's not enough.

There is no release date when this product will be available for mass use but you can follow along and donate at


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Nicole Simone
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