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7 Facts About Chow Chows That Are Totally Worth Knowing

1. Purple Tongue

Chows are famous for their purple tongues. It's a gene carried within the breed (also found in Shar-Peis) and it turns the Chow puppies tongue purple (or black as some refer to it) when the puppy is about nine weeks old.

2. Coloring

Chows are most known for their red coloring but also come in black, cream, fawn, and blue. 

3. History

Chow Chows originated from Northern China and Mongolia. 

red chow chow dog

4. Sad But True

Chow Chows were used as a source of protein in China and Mongolia, but is now revered as a much loved pet.

5. Famous Owners

Chow Chows have been beloved pets of Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, Sigmund Freud, and Martha Stewart. 

6. Not Insurable... Sometimes

Some home owners insurance companies refuse to insure Chow Chows as they are seen by some as aggressive.

7. Protective And Loyal

Chow Chows are known for being protective and loyal with their owners.


1. AKC

Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone


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