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Kobe Bryant's Dog's Name Is Down Right Wizardly

At a recent Laker's game, Kobe Bryant fans wanted to know what his dog's name was. Bryant gave them one clue and said if they guessed it, they could have the shoes off his feet (sounds more like a prize fit for a shoe loving dog!) but he only gave them one clue - it was from Harry Potter.

After a reported 15 guesses, Bryant said one of the crowd members guessed correctly! The name? Crucio. If you aren't a Harry Potter nerd, Crucio is one of the three "unforgivable" curses. Bryant is a very public Harry Potter fan, so it's no surprise to his supporters that he'd name his dog something surrounding the series.

kobe bryant crucio

Bryant has been spending a lot of time with his Labrador retriever and posted a picture on his Instagram account of his pup cooling down in the heat.



Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone


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