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Hero Police Officer Rescues Dog From Frozen Creek

ONTARIO, Canada - a brave Ontario police officer who jumped into a creek to save a drowning black labrador retriever, on the morning of February 22, 2016, is expected to recover from the ordeal. 

Around 9 a.m. a call came in that the dog had fallen through the ice and was frantically paddling to stay afloat. After arriving on the scene, the heroic officer is currently in the hospital receiving treatment, after wading almost 40-50 feet into nearly freezing water to retrieve the dog.

The officer initially thought he might be able to walk out to the distressed animal, but the ice at the shore was too thin. “I thought it might hold me and then I could hear the ice, almost like in a movie, I could hear it,” Daynes said from a Leamington hospital bed. “And just as I was registering the noise, I was gone. I went under.”

“At that point I had to make a decision whether I was going to turn around and the dog was going to drown. I wasn’t comfortable with that.”

He walked out a bit and then tried to get back on to the ice, to no avail. He crashed back in, this time completely submerged underwater.


lake hero police officer saves drowning dog from frozen lake

“That was when it really sank in how cold it was,” said Daynes. “At that time my hands were already starting to lose my fine motor skills.”

Once he got close enough the dog swam over to him and he got the animal control leash around his neck, tightened it, and headed back to shore. The cold proved too much for him and when he was about 15 feet away from land he was unable to move anymore. Other officers and animal control were on the scene to help, as the officer in question had tied a rope around his midsection and they and his partner had to pull him in with the rope.

“I looked next to me and the dog was laying there,” said Daynes. “He looked pretty exhausted and probably suffering some hypothermia as well. We kind of laid there together and I let everybody else take over.”

He was immediately given first aid, as we was showing signs of hypothermia, so the paramedics escorted the officer to the hospital.

Both the heroic officer and the dog he saved are being treated and are recovering well!

You can watch video news coverage of the ordeal, as well as an interview with our hero here.

hero cop recouperating in hospital after saving dog from frozen lake


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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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