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Meet 16 of the World's Best Dog Moms

We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to raise a fur-baby. To show our appreciation, we held a contest, where people could share photos of dog moms with their pups to win their very own World of Angus Dog Blanket!


 "Tank & I. He's my mean muggin' partner in life." -Kathy Song


With a lot of fantastic submissions, it was tough to pick a winner. Congratulations to Kathy Song and her dog Tank! 

Here are 11 of the close runner-ups and their fabulous photos. 

-Chelsa Everley
"The love of my life Jackson" - Kasey Mehala


"My fur baby Gigi is the love of my life. It's okay, my fiancé understands." - Crystal Anne Major
"We have 4 beautiful chi babies, left Pria Clayton, Tini C Clayton, Pacman Clayton and Pinkie Pie Clayton. Pria and Pacs are twins believe it or not. They are our world and our lives would not be the same without them." - Robin Therese Hudek-Clayton
"These are my babies, Cooper (left) and Chelsea (right)" -Marina Kristina Porter

"His name is Pizza!" - Tarah Zandra Motuzas  

"This is me and my boy Harley!"
-Stefanie Malofy
"Ritchie!" -Missy Costa 

"Bailey is my moon and stars!!! She is the sweetest dog child a girl could ask for." -Alexandra Caroline

-Ericka Nicole Anderson
-Karla Tuckett

"I loves me my fur kids!" -Penny Nixon Elsesser



"I'm a proud dog mama and a proud cat mama. Charlotte the dog and Margaret the cat have become friends, and they often bond on the couch. Fur everywhere! We're not going to stop them from their Petflix routine, but a blanket would certainly help." - Claire

"These are 2 out of 4 dogs that I rescued & own - it's too hard to get all 4 in a photo with me" -Melyssah DeVrye

" This is Finnick. He is my best friend in the whole world, and my shadow. I love him more than words." - Chelsie


Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! You are all lovely dog moms, and we look forward to seeing more entries in our future contests.

Happy Mother's Day!

World of Angus

Demetrius Michael
Demetrius Michael


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