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7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Dog Park Bestie

Everyone needs a dog park bestie, it's pretty much top priority on the unofficial list of non-negotiable dog park rules. Whether you take your dog to the park every weeknight at 5:30 PM sharp, or a leisurely stroll over on Saturday mornings after a nice lay in bed, one thing that will always make your time spent at the park even more awesome, is a friend. And we're not talking canine. 

1. Judge Me Not

Have you ever gone to the dog park alone and begun questioning everything around you? Yes of course, your dog is a weirdo. You know it, your mom knows it, your neighbor down the street knows it. But now the entire dog park? It's too much.

Having a dog park bestie will reassure you that every dog at the park has its own set of hang ups, and no one really cares if your pup has dug himself halfway to China and is covered in mud up to his eyeballs. He looks like a little darling, and come on - these are all dog people after all! They get it!

Your bestie is there to tell you that your constant shrieking every time the doberman you've had your eye on for the last half hour, sniffs your chihuahuas butt, is totally normal and that no, of course no one is staring at you. Yes, she's sure. Nothing to look at over here.

2. Can I Get a Witness?

As a dog owner, it's our worst nightmare. But the truth is that at a public park, especially one that is leash free, things can go wrong at the blink of an eye whether we are prepared for it or not. 

In a situation where there is a possibility of something serious that could happen to your helpless little angel, a good person to have by your side is your dog park bestie. This will be someone that you've either known for years and also has a dog, or someone that you met at the park who will act as your second set of eyes.

Either way, your witness is someone that you can trust to be truthful in a scenario where a difference of opinion may be debated. While it's not something we like to think about, as the saying goes, it's better to be safe, than sorry and you will find solace in knowing that someone has your back.

3. Come here often?

Sure, you brought your dog to the leash free to help him burn off some of the energy he had pent up, but the main reason we all go to the park is to keep our canines happy. Now if your dog is a social butterfly, or loves to run his little heart out, chances are he will never want to leave. 

As anyone who owns a dog can tell you, sometimes it can feel like the opposite. Our dogs often have us wrapped so tightly around their paws, that it feels like they own us! We would do just about anything for them - including standing in a field for hours on end, waiting for them to become tired so we can pack up and go home. 

So why not make a friend? Pick someone out of the crowd with a nice friendly pup and chat them up. You clearly have a love of dogs and nature in common, but you won't know what else until you try! And hey, if it doesn't work out - there are always other parks. 

4. Please hold!

If you're one of the early birds who likes to get to the park at the crack of dawn, chances are you will arrive coffee in hand. We've all done it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. That is to say... sure, we all look like morning people, but your caffeine secret is safe with us.  

But depending on how many toys you brought with you, if you have a purse to hold or two leashes to guide, you may just have too many things on your plate. That's where a dog park bestie comes in! Your bestie will be there for you to hold your coffee in the event that you need to chase after your dog (who is chasing after another dog), or just to pick up dog poop. 

5. Two friends are better than one

Whether it's dog poop bags or extra treats, they say two heads are better than one. Sometimes what appears to be a simple trip to the dog park can turn into an ordeal if you're not organized. 

Let's say for example, you have two dogs. Seems simple enough? Now let's also say it's winter. So now we're counting two leashes, two harnesses, two fleece sweaters, eight little booties, a water bottle, a frisbee, no - not that frisbee, the other one. No, the purple one! And the list goes on. 

Having a friend at the dog park who you can rely on for backup supplies if the park you go to doesn't provide them is an added bonus. But remember, friendship goes both ways and moderation is key. No one likes a mooch! Make sure to bring extra supplies for them too. You never know when they'll be needed. 

6. Fido Fan Club

Having a dog park bestie is not only important for you to stay sane while your dog is at play, but it is also a great benefit to your pooch. Introducing your canine to someone who they can get to know week after week will allow him to feel more comfortable in the event that he cannot find you. 

Of course everyone wants their friends to love their dog for their own selfish reasons, but it will also boost your dogs confidence at the park, as they will undoubtedly love the attention. And who knows? If your pup and your dog park bestie hit it off, you may just have found yourself a future dog sitter!

Even better than a dog park bestie who loves your dog, is when their dog loves your dog too. Just as your friendship is something to look forward to every weekend, your dog will thoroughly enjoy returning to the park to visit his friends as well. 

7. Say Cheese! 

Are all of the photos of you and your dog taken on selfie mode? If either your head, or Fluffy's ears are cut out of half of your photos, you may need someone to help you take some new shots for your Instagram account. 

Many dog parks are set in beautiful locations and can appear quite scenic and picturesque, even for the worst photographers. Don't worry - your dog park bestie does not need to be a pro, but having someone stand at least two feet away from you and your pooch for a photo will make a world of difference!

Bianca Roy
Bianca Roy


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