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5 Questions Every Dog Owner Secretly Asks Themselves

It takes a lot of time, effort, physical, emotional, and financial investment to be a dog owner. You will love your dog more than you thought possible and you will be amazed at how fast that happens.

Inevitably though, you’ll find yourself asking questions. These questions will range from questions to professionals with regards to what you should feed your dog to questions you ask yourself in secret. Questions that you’d never dare ask out loud.

Here are five such questions:


You’ve come home from a long day of work and your dog has spent the day destroying your home. There are plants knocked over, poop and pee everywhere, and the cat seems to be missing. It is totally OK to feel and ask yourself this question when things are tough.

Speaking of which…

Is this really even worth it?

You’re things are destroyed. Your new couch has been peed on so many times you don’t even remember what color it originally was. You have to leave parties and outings early to get home and make sure your dog gets out and gets fed. Again, it’s a perfectly normal question to ask yourself.

On the days you are leaning towards, ‘maybe not…’

I wonder if my parents would want a dog?

Mom and dad always talked about getting a dog. Why not this dog?!

Can I really handle this?

It’s tough. You may feel overwhelmed some days. It’s okay to question your ability to handle things. You can totally handle this.

Finally, the question every dog owner asks himself or herself on nearly a daily basis:

How did I ever live without a dog?

That silly dog may have destroyed all your things, taken all your free time, and cost you a boatload, but you can’t imagine your life without them. The love you feel for them and from them is irreplaceable. All the negative thoughts and questions just seem to fade into the ether. 

As dog owners, we are lucky and we know it!

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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