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The Real Reasons Why Dogs Are Truly Are The Best

There's a reason why dogs are called man's best friend. So what are some of the most endearing reasons? Well, we're here to share them with you today.

They make us happier

You don't have to take our word for it, but studies have shown that dogs are great at lowering people's stress levels and in turn lifting their spirits. Even brief encounters can create improvements. Sign us up!


For your health

You better believe it, but dogs need a lot of exercise in attention. So it wouldn't be surprising to share that 34% of dog owners get more exercise than the average person. Yep, it's true! Time to get those feet in motion. 


Your very own security guard

No need for that home alarm system anymore, you've got Angus by your side. Dogs have a great sense for security and protection. They will sense danger before you do, therefore making great guard dogs, service animals and well, overall companions.

They just get you
No matter how you're feeling, when your pet looks like they can sense your feelings, it is because they can! According to a recent study, dogs really do know what that smile on your face means. They truly are man's best friend.


BFF for life
Dogs are fiercely loyal which is why they make great companions to humans. You'll never feel alone again and you'll always have a wingman to attend events with.  Now that's what we can a BFF for life.

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Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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