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The Nervous Anxiety Of Getting A New Dog

I am sure inside your head you're wondering if it is OK to be  this nervous about getting a new dog. We're here to tell you that, yes - it absolutely is! Step one before you continue any further in reading this article is to take a deep breathe and exhale. OK, good. You ready! 

Dog ownership is a big step. There are a lot of things to consider when you're going through the process: 


Your potential new pet is also stressed out

Think about it - they haven't even made it to your home - but they are already a bit stressed. If they are coming from a foster and/or humane society situation, the dog may have been through several transitions already and may be a bit jittery. Remember that both you and the dog are nervous, so just relax and remember to keep breathing. The more calm you are, the more calm the dog will be.



Keep your expectations low

Training and adapting your new dog to their surroundings takes time. Keep your expectations very low and remember that for the first little bit, your dog may regress. This is not your fault! Remember how stressful going to a new home can be for a dog. Once you get to know their individual quirks or tendencies, it will be smooth sailing.


You can and will do the best by your new pup

Don't over think it - you've got this. It's normal and healthy to be nervous, just like having a baby. Just remember and keep telling yourself that you can and will do right by your new furry friend. This means providing them with all the proper love, attention and positive reinforcements they need.


Fostering or adopting can be a rewarding experience but it is working through the initial worries and fears. Trust yourself enough to know that change can be good.

Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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December 08, 2020

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