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8 Ways to Incorporate Your Dog on Your Wedding Day

So, you've done it! Out of the 7 billion on this planet, you're one of the lucky people who has found their soulmate. We're talking about the one who makes all of your dark days brighter, who puts a smile on your face at the drop of a hat, the one who knows you better than anyone in the world.

Since meeting your soulmate, you have taken up a love of running, swimming, and great nutrition, and you can't imagine a more positive impact in your life if you tried. You owe most of your happiest moments to your soulmate, and it would be unbearable to imagine your life not having met them. 

And just when you thought you couldn't get any luckier, you also found yourself a person who loves your soulmate as much as you do, and you know - they're pretty OK too. Of course, your dog has always known that he/she is "the one" for you, and you have finally found the one person who not only accepts your relationship, but cherishes it as well.

So what are you waiting for? Put a ring on it! (And let your dog help!) If you can't imagine spending your big day without your bestie, then look no further. Here are 8 ways that you can incorporate your dog into your wedding. 

1. Will you marry us?

Your dog is your best friend in the world, and you two are a package deal. So why not include him in one of the most important moments of your life?

Whether it's tying an engagement ring to his collar, putting him a T-shirt with the special phrase scrawled across it, or having him hold a sign that pops the question, asking your significant other to marry you becomes a lot less nerve wracking with the support of your BFF.

On the other hand, including your significant other's dog into your proposal will truly mean the world to your fiancé to be, as it will prove to them that you completely understand who and what is important to them in life. Not only that, but who can say no to that face? 

2. Save the Date

Assuming that your proposal went off without a hitch, you're now ready to share the news with friends and family! And speaking of family, if you're a dog person, then you know that this word is all encompassing.

Regardless of whether your canine originally belonged to you or your fiancé, or if you two have always shared the responsibility of co-dog-parenting, a marriage can signify to others that you are now officially, a family.

So pack up your pup, head to the photographers, get those save the date cards made and debut your brand new family. Like-minded invitees, such as friends you met at the dog park are sure to be delighted, and who doesn't want to see a cute dog in their mailbox?

3. Need a paw with that?

Now typically, the maid of honor is usually the one who carries the bride's train wherever she goes on her special day. But with so many other things on her mind during the wedding, why not give the girl a break?

A dog-loving bride knows that her pup is more than willing to help her out on her big day, and as long as Fido has a gentle mouth, he is the perfect substitute to help her down the isle.

A job for a senior dog who knows how to walk slowly and follow suit, as opposed to a puppy who loves to play tug of war, carrying the bride's train is a truly adorable way for a dog who loves to be put to work to help out.

And so what, if your train gets a little slobbery? A true dog mama won't mind - after all, you won't be wearing it again any time soon!


4. Who's a good ring boy?

Now, we all know that your dog is truly your "best man" but at the risk of offending your best buddy Brad from college who may have a bone to pick with you about that, you've chosen to go with the human.

Sure, Brad knows how to stand quietly for long periods of time, and is pretty photogenic, but if something feels off and you feel like you need your best pup's support on your big day then why not let them share duties? 

If your pup lacks the attention span to stand with you at the alter, no worries. Adding the title of ring bearer to their résumé is the perfect way to include them. Most dogs have good enough recall to come when their owner calls them, especially when it is in a straight line. 

So if you think your dog can handle a quick trip down the aisle without getting too distracted, then strap the ring box to their collar and queue the sounds of your guests in awe. And don't forget to have someone ready to reel Fido in afterward, the last thing you'll need on your big day is a runaway ring! 

5. Flower girl

Similar to the ring boy role, what we are seeing more and more are flower-dogs! While flower girls of the human variety are adorable in their own right, we know that not every couple is traditional and weddings are becoming more personalized every day. 

If you are one of the first couples in your group of friends to be married for example, the chances of having age-appropriate little girls in your circle in time for your wedding may just not be in your cards. Sure, you may have a second or third cousin down the line who would fit the role, but do you even know her name?

When sourcing a flower girl, a dog owner knows that the most logical and personal answer is usually staring them right in the face. (Especially if they're holding a treat in their hand!) And who better to accompany you on your journey into marriage, than your own child?

At just 6 years old, Daisy looks great in a tutu, has a warm, friendly smile and brightens up any room she walks into. If that doesn't scream flower girl, then we don't know what does!

6. Have your cake and top it too!

When planning a wedding, one of the most fun things to do is shop! Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most overwhelming aspects. With everything available on the internet nowadays, there are countless venues through which you can personalize your wedding favors.

This of course, can be great if you have a plan and dangerous if you don't. Not having to limit yourself to the four or five bridal boutiques, two cities away, means that you can allow yourself more time, to choose between options. 

And while it is easy to get carried away or to try and out-do those you see in magazines, if you take the time to think about the elements you really want to include on your special day, the answers are usually pretty simple - and more often than not if you own dogs, they're one of them. 

If you would love to include your dog in your wedding plans, but feel as though they are too hyper, too aggressive or simply do not have someone available to keep an eye on them throughout the day, then simply take a tour of Etsy. One search for "dog themed wedding cake toppers" should keep you busy for oh, about five hours. Enjoy!

7. Go Pro Pup-tographer

Of course, one of the best things about our dogs is how much they love us. Our loyal canines wait for us all day to come home from work and are the happiest when they greet us at the door. They see us as their everything, and would follow us to the ends of the Earth if we asked them to. 

When asked what their one wish is with regards to their dogs, most owners will often reply "I wish I could see life through my dog's eyes." So why not incorporate that into your wedding? 

If your dog is friendly, easy-going, and social, chances are they will be able to stick around for the entire reception. Your friends and family will be thrilled to spend some quality time with them on the dance floor, showering them with affection throughout the night. 

And while you have probably already hired a photographer to document your fun-filled evening, a cool secondary source of documentation is a videographer. Because you and your fiancé are likely his favorite people, your pup is sure to capture some extra special footage such as smiles, laughs, and tears that maybe your hired photographer won't have a chance to.  

Strapping a Go-Pro to your dog will allow you to view your big day from your dog's perspective, and will encourage you to share more intimate moments with your loved one in the company of your most trusted canine friend. 

8. I do, too. 

When writing your wedding vows, it is important to recall what is truly important to your significant other. If you've found yourself reading this article for example, then chances are you already know that their dog is one of their biggest joys in life. 

Marriage is about acknowledging everything that comes along with the person you love, and sharing in those experiences for better or for worse. And that goes for family, too. Whether it is their child or yours, their eccentric uncle or your dog, both you and your fiancé will take these family members on as their own and commit to loving them for the rest of their lives. So why not make it official? 

Including your dog in your vows, while romantic, doesn't always have to be serious. Promising to love and spoil your partner's dog of course is lovely to hear and may even bring a tear to their eye, but if you're a little on the quirky side and want to make your audience laugh, promising to clean up the dog poop when your new spouse doesn't feel like it? Well that's love! 

Bianca Roy
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