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13 Owners On What It Is About Their Dog That Steals Their Heart

What happens when you ask 13 devoted dog owners what they love about their dogs? Prepare yourselves for gushing like you've never read before! 

1. Cheryl on her pup, Lily

"After retirement and not having a hobby, I thought what do I love the most? Of course it was animals, dogs being my favorite. I decided that fostering a poor, helpless dog that needed to be rescued would be just the best thing. Not only for the dog, but for me because I knew I had so much love and patience to give them.

My first little puppy mill foster arrived and although I had read up on puppy mill dogs before I had never actually had one in my arms. I was so taken aback at the dirt, the smell, and the horrifying stare in her eyes. She just had no spark for life.

I nurtured her, loved her, and tried my hardest to get her to accept a new life but she just couldn't. She was so distraught and fearful of everything, just stepping out the door into the world was more than she could do.

As time went on, I fell so deeply in love with her. She would lay so close to me in bed at night that I could feel her breath and heartbeat. She never did get an application for adoption in the end, because I knew if I let her go I would experience a heart break like no other in my life."

2. Lynda on her pup, Bootsie

"When Bootsie came into my life as a 15 year old foster; she was underweight, boney, and had pneumonia and kennel cough! It took me four days before I could get her to eat, feeding her medicine from an eyedropper.

With each dropper, I would hold her, talk gently to her, telling her she would pull through, and that I loved her. It was then I realized that she was about to be my foster failure. We endured this sickness together; therefore we would spend the rest of our lives together.

Every time she looks at me with love in her eyes, she steals my heart - I love her to the moon and back!"

3. Sherri on her two dogs, Kenya and Blue

"When I think about what steals my heart about my dogs, it is something I'm sure many fur parents of rescued dogs know well. It is how grateful they are and how eager they are to show you they are thankful.  

Thankful to be sleeping on your couch or comfy bed just for them, endless toys to play with, good food, and of course just to be loved and treated like they should be.

Our dogs didn't have the best start in life but they don't hold grudges and every time they show they are grateful for a loving home by giving us kisses or just wanting to snuggle in close, it melts my heart."

4. Courtney on her fur friend, Izzy

"What I love most about Izzy is her constant attitude. She is like a 16 year old, moody teenager trapped in a dog's body. If you don’t give her what she wants, she literally throws a temper tantrum. She stomps her feet and throws her body on the ground dramatically, it's hilarious.

She can throw more attitude with a single glance, than any dog I have ever met. It’s a constant source of entrainment for us and we like to remind her daily just how good she has things, so maybe the drama isn’t warranted. (Although it's quite hysterical.)

I adore her and although she has more personality than any dog should have, it only adds to her charm."

5. Astrid on her rescue, Bronté

"Bronté, a former puppy mill dog, steals my heart simply when he wags his tail at me. He used to be scared of all people (including me) before!"

6. Susan on her best friend, Sophia

"When I wake up during the night, and Sophia's sleeping beside me on her back like a starfish, I know she feels secure and loved, and my heart wants to burst.

There are other times  when I wake up and she's sitting there, waiting for me to acknowledge her. Her little tail wags so fast. No one has ever been as happy to see me, as she is. I could go on for days about how she fills my heart. I love that girl!"

7. Erin on her pup, Peluché

"Peluché steals my heart constantly. Multiple times a day I look at her and think 'how did we ever get so lucky?' Peluché is a very quiet, low key dog for the most part, and what steals my heart most is when she has bursts of puppy-like energy and playfulness.

She came into our lives when she was about five years old (and quite sick at the time), so we never got to experience the "puppy phase" with her. But lately, her goofy side is really shining through; whether it's rolling around in bed to wake us up in the morning, howling at the top of her lungs demanding her breakfast, or a serious case of the zoomies after coming in from a walk, she never fails to make me smile."

8. Kate on her furry best friend, Tyson

"Tyson has been in our lives over four years now. There are endless ways he steals our hearts everyday. The way he only gives kisses when he is really excited, to how he likes to take pants from the bedroom only to drag them into the living room - he trots proudly each time!

He makes me proud how he is such a vital part in each of our foster dogs' journeys. He seems to know what they need, whether it is giving a timid dog their space, rough housing to build strength for an underweight dog, or simply letting them curl up next to them."

9. Angie on her love bug, Remington

"Remington steals my heart just by looking at me. People have commented on the love they can see in his eyes when he looks up at me. I am his world and I could not be happier with the gift of his love. He makes my world a better place."

10. Stephanie on her rescue, Suki

"Her eyes. I adopted Suki seven years ago. She had spent her first four years in a puppy mill, so in the beginning I only got to see those eyes from a distance as she was too nervous to be in the same room with me. She generally just stuck to peeking around corners.

Over time I gained her trust and although she never became a super cuddle bug and while people still sometimes comment on how sad her eyes look, I know she knows she is safe and extremely loved. Those little brown eyes are directly connected to my heart."

11. Rebecca on her pug, Lola

"Lola isn't the most openly affectionate little pug. She often scuttles away from people when they move to pat her, and she always turns away in disgust when I try to give her a kiss.

But even divas need love, so when she cuddles up on the sofa right beside me, or lifts her sleepy front leg just a little bit to ask for belly rubs, well the world stops. My heart is entirely her's all the time, but everything simply will have to wait when Lola P asks for her mama's love."

12. Grace on her furry, big personality, Digby

"Everything Digby does warms my heart. He has more personality than any dog I've ever met. He's a food lover (like his mom) and when I'm eating he'll sit by my feet just in case I drop anything (which I never do).
Every few minutes he'll readjust and "accidentally" bump my leg in a not-so-subtle reminder that he is, in fact, still there, and is, as always, willing to take food off my hands. Makes me laugh every time."

13. Jaret on his furry twosome, Buddy and Rex

"The one trait about my dogs that absolutely steals my heart is not simply the fact that they show affection, but that they truly emote. Any real dog lover enjoys going in depth about their dogs personalities. And though it may seem like nonsense to the inexperienced, anyone who spends a surplus of time with their dogs will tell you that in the absence of verbal communication (barking aside), you learn to pick up on so many other outward gestures to signify what they are feeling. 

The way my dog's whole body wriggles out of control because their tails are wagging so hard when they see me, the way they stare longingly at me and speak with their eyes as they give me kisses, the way they need to be on me, or at the very least, making some kind of contact almost all the time, makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world. Or at least, theirs'. It's always a day brightener."


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