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5 Lies Dog Owners Tell Themselves to Make Them Feel Better About Their Dog

One thing about love is that we sometimes see what we want to see, instead of what is actually going on. We become so enamored that we also become a little jaded, in denial of any faults. Well the same goes for some dog owners who just love their dogs too much! Here are some lies only the best of us have told ourselves. 

1. "Buddy doesn't have separation anxiety, he just loves his mama so much!"

Okay, so this one may have a bit of truth to it. Of course your dog loves you! However, a large number of dogs with severe separation anxiety are often excused as just missing their owner. In reality, these dogs lack the coping mechanism needed to deal with the stress of being alone. If not treated correctly, these dogs can often become depressed, self-harm, and destroy their owner's homes. So while you and your dog might be inseparable, teaching him some valuable life skills will only make both of your futures brighter, together.

2. "Buddy isn't spoiled. He totally needed that toy!"


Whether it's a toy that you read about online, one that will help with his dental health or a little lamb chop that you thought was adorable, it seems that the amount of toys a dog actually needs, well.. might be excessive. And the cost? Even worse. But the smile on your dogs face when you bring home that newly purchased frisbee, even if it only lasts him five minutes... well that's priceless! If you can't help but buy toys everywhere you go, a good idea is to purchase the toys on sale, store them away and keep them in rotation for when teddy bear #3 decides to lose a leg or two. 

3. "Bootsie just loves wearing dresses, they make her feel beautiful!"

While dressing your pooch up in a sweater during the cold winter months, or providing them with a miniature version of your very own raincoat when it's raining, is often widely accepted amongst dog owners, it can usually be chalked up to necessities sake. However, when Bootsie is dressed to the nines in a summer dress fit for the Queen of England, and her matching purse costs more than what her owner made in a week... that is when people start to talk.

While your dogs wardrobe is your decision at the end of the day, it is important to remember that dogs are not a substitute for a human baby. They are animals that need to feel comfortable in their own skin in order for them to communicate better with their people and other dogs. If a dog feels trapped in an article of clothing, it can sometimes act out in a negative way, and that, is when lying to ourselves about our dogs feeling beautiful may come into question. Just because Bootsie looks beautiful, does not mean she feels like it. 

4. "Buddy knows how to shake paw, he's just tired right now."

Isn't that always the case? Sure your pup let you shake his paw those three, er... maybe two times. Okay, once. But you totally know he can do it when he wants to! He just had a long day. Or week. He also just woke up from a nap in the sun, so you know, he's a little groggy. He is just as talented as that well-trained poodle down the street, he just needs a treat. Or two. Whatever the case may be, all you know is that your pooch could wow your friends in an instant. Maybe just not this particular instant. 

5. "Bootsie totally loves when the kids ride her like a horse!"

As a parent of children with both two and four legs, your main goal is most likely to maintain a cohesive family unit, complete with both love and consideration. Though sometimes it can be tough, having children who know how to live respectfully around pets can be hugely rewarding. But as well all know, often times the love we have for our children can blind us, and we can begin to overlook the issues that occur on a daily basis. 

If we place ourselves in a child's perspective, growing up with the family dog, or their CBF (Canine Best Friend) can be anything from comforting to wildly adventurous, depending on the day. Of course, the bond between a child and their dog is something to be cherished, and can teach them about compassion, responsibility and lifelong friendships. To a child, a dog can become not only a companion, but a confidant or the the imaginative, a fantastically ferocious beast from a land far, far away. 

And while it might be tempting to indulge in our children's creativity and zest for fantasy, one thing that should always remain true to reality is that your dog, is just that, a dog. They simply lack the mental capacity to tell us when they are not enjoying something until it is at times, by our standards, too late. So while Bootsie may look like she is enjoying being ridden into the sunset by her knight in shining armour, the love she has for her human children may too be causing her to look past her true feelings. 

The truth is however, that a dog's body is simply not made to yield a passenger, as the muscles in their backs are not strong enough to carry the weight of any person, no matter how small. A dog who is uncomfortable in this situation may tuck her tail between her legs, pull her ears back or keep a closed mouth and stiff body. But regardless of her body language, the next time little your child feels riding Bootsie into battle, we suggest instead encouraging him to draw a photo to post on the fridge! 

Bianca Roy
Bianca Roy


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