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12 Hilarious Jokes About Dogs That Will Have You Howling

If the internet is good at anything it's cute animals and funny jokes. Put the two together and adorable hilarity ensues! Here are 12 of our favorite dog jokes, straight from the internet.


1. After much debate, what pet did The Avengers decide to adopt?


2. What's every southern dog's favorite joke?

3. What did the canine chef say when asked to make breakfast?


4. Summer dog problems...


5. What do audiophile dogs insist on bringing with them everywhere?


6. What's every puppy pick up artist's favorite line?


7. What's every dog's favorite song line?

...by Sir Barks-a-lot


8. What did the disappointed zoo visitors say about their visit?


9. What did the shark with a toothache say?

10. What's every smooth dog's favorite compliment?


11. Someone call the cops...


12. What do dogs say when they've had a particularly bad day?



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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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