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The 5 Strongest Dog Breeds In The World

When we look at our canine friends, it's hard to imagine just what their physical capabilities are. But in terms of size and power, some breeds stand heads and shoulders above the rest as the strongest of them all. Here is our list of the top five:


1. Husky 

Made for cold weather, these medium sized dogs have strong broad shoulders and muscular hind legs to power them through any kind of weather. With an unmatched endurance level, the average height of a husky is 20 inches in size and 60 pounds in weight.



2. American and English Bulldog

Some might dismiss the bulldog at first for being small. But don't let first looks deceive you! The bulldog has a compact body built up of pure muscle and short legs. Their stubborn will and bite force of over 300 pounds make them of the strongest dog breeds.



3. St. Bernard

This breed has origins as a Swiss dog that in the past has been used by the Swiss authorities to rescue tourists. Known as natural protectors and hunters, the St. Bernard has a life span of up to 10 years with an average weight of 200 pounds. 



4. Mastiff

Looking for a breed that is calm and great with humans but also a natural protector? Well, the mastiff might be your best bet. With a weight of over 160 pounds, around 30-inch height and a bite force of over 550 lbs - mastiff's are loyal and known for being great guard dogs.


5. Great Dane

The tallest dog to date, standing at 40-inches, the Great Dane's power comes from its height and weight advantages over other dogs. Much like the mastiff, the Great Dane was originally bred to be used for hunting and as a guard dog.

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