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5 Dogs That Freak People Out

We all love dogs. It’s why we are here. Finding the dog that is right for you can be tricky. There are certain personality quirks or traits that we may not love. There are some traits and quirks that may even freak some of us out. The following list contains somewhat common quirks that dogs may have depending on their personality and upbringing. They cause some people to freak out, while others just roll with it.

Here are five dogs that freak people out:

1. The Happy Humper

They’ll hump your leg, they’ll hump your arm, they’ll hump that poor teddy bear you left on the floor. The Happy Humper does not discriminate. It’s awkward and there is nothing worse than when a dog owner tells you to “just let him finish” or “oh, that just means he likes you!” No. Just no.

2. The Excitement Pee Specialist

This dog is overwhelmed by excitement to the point where he or she cannot control their bladder. It’s hard to be mad at them; they’re usually excited because you’ve come home.


3. The Excessive Barker

They’ll bark all day long at seemingly nothing. You’re not sure if they’re angry, happy, or just barking to hear their own voice. They’ll also get the neighbor dogs going, which makes you the most popular person in the neighborhood.

4. The Drool Machine

Drool is gross. Let’s not pretend it isn’t. Some dogs tend to drool more than others (Beethoven, I’m looking in your direction). If you’re not okay with stepping in a puddle of drool or having it flung about when your dog shakes its head, The Drool Machine is not for you.



Sigh. Yes, it’s the doorbell. No, you don’t need to lose your mind over it. Let me just check and see who it might be. I promise, we heard the doorbell, too. Okay, you’re going to attack the door before I can open it. I’ll just yell through the door for the person to text what they want.


These five dogs may freak some people out, but honestly, none of these reasons should be a deal breaker. On a personal note, our dog, Sam is both an Excitement Pee Specialist and an OMG THE DOORBELL! We wouldn’t trade him in for any other dog.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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