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To Our Dogs Who Support Us No Matter What, We Salute You


To our furry best friends.

We love you the most. You’re there to greet us when we get home from a long day at work. You’re there to greet us when we’ve just checked the mail. You’re there to greet us if we’ve taken a slightly longer than normal time in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter to you the reason; you’re just there to greet us.

You seem to know when we need extra cuddles.

Maybe we’re having a bad day or maybe we’re having a sad day. You can sense it and you’re there just to say, “Hey, I’m here for you.” You’re there for us when we are happy or need to celebrate. You don’t even need to know why. You’ll jump up and down and howl along in excitement. 

You’ll bring us our slippers to warm up our feet.

You’ll even toss in some drool for free. All that you ask is that we love you back (plus meals, room and board, and the occasional butt scratch, but hey, we’re cool with that). It’s an easy ask and we’re happy to deliver.


You don’t care if we aren’t looking our best.

You just want us to throw you that ball. You’ll run laps and jump and play while we chat with our friends at the park, but you’ll always check in to make sure we’re OK.


You protect us.

You guide us. You love us more than we knew was possible. To our dogs who support us no matter what, we salute you!


Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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