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You're Not Really A Pup Parent Until You've Experienced This

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Here at World of Angus, we love our dogs more than anything. Including ourselves!

We truly understand the time, dedication, and a little weirdness it takes to be real pup parents. We've even made a list to prove it.

Do you have what it takes to be a dog mom or dad?

1. Inspected Your Dog's Poop

Believe it or not, but this is a daily activity for the modern dog parent. Inspecting poop for foreign objects, consistency, and color quickly becomes part of your life. Get used to it!

2. Taste Tested Treats

Yep. We do that too! Most dog treats, at least the ones you should be feeding your dog, are made up of natural, quality ingredients. We suggest testing out some yogurt based treats with yummy frosting. 

3. Spent More On Dog Food Than Your Own

Decent dog food is NOT cheap. If you want your dog to eat the best food possible, you're looking to spend roughly $80-$100 per bag. For a large dog, you may end up spending $200 per month, depending on portion sizes. Parents of multiple dogs get to watch their bank accounts empty even more quickly. 

4. Stayed Up All Night With A Sick Dog

This will happen more than once in your pup-loving lifetime. Dog's get sick for all sorts of reasons, usually resulting in fiery poops. Pet parents, who have experienced sick puppies, understand that there is never enough time to get outside. 

Raise your hands if you've pulled an all-nighter with your pooch!

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5. Watched Your Dog Act Like A Dingus For Hours

Dogs provide an endless source of entertainment, and there's no better feeling than watching your dog have the time of his life. Pup parents waste hours enjoying the view as their dog makes an absolute dingus of himself. Better have your camera ready!

6. Cancelled Plans For Your Dog

You will experience many days where your pre-existing plans clash with your dog's schedule. Whether it be dietary issues, random bouts of separation anxiety, or just not enough exercise, your dog will need you to cancel your plans and stay home. Hopefully, your friends will understand. 

7. Scheduled A Doggy Date

Doggy playdates are a must for proper socialization. Even though he's your best friend, doggy parents should know that their dog needs to interact with other members of his species. Try to make a variety of doggy friends, of all shapes and sizes. This will help teach Fido how to play nice with everyone. 

8. Chosen Your Dog Over Your Friends

Some people can't grasp the fact that your dog is basically your child. For some parents, dogs will be their only child. Unfortunately, you will come across arguments or issues with friends that make you second guess your relationship with them. Go with your gut instinct, and drop those haters like it's hot! 

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9. Moved To Accommodate Your Dog

Moving to accommodate your dog is a part of life. Unless you are a home-owner, you will experience the sad reality of pet friendly rentals. They are too good to be true! Moving to accommodate your dog is the most admirable thing a pup parent can do, and your dog will love you for it.  

10. Talked To Your Dog Like A Person

Hey, dogs have feelings too! If you're a real dog mom or dad, you'll know what it's like to consult your dog about daily decisions, or have a sophisticated conversation about his views on politics. He's a great conversationalist! As a dog parent, you'll find yourself talking to your dog a lot. Who else are you going to talk to?

11. Slept In An Awkward Position Because Your Dog Was Comfortable

This happens more than you'd like to admit. Even a king sized bed isn't big enough for your pooch. And, of course, he wants to snuggle right next to his best friend. Pup parents know the struggle of contorting your body in all sorts of ways to ensure your dog's comfort.

Sometimes, sleeping on the couch is the best option for both of you.  

12. Giving Your Dog Kisses Regardless Of Where Their Mouth Has Been

"Whatever. Dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans' anyways."

At least that's what you say when you've forgotten that your dog just ate a bunch of dirt and then kissed your face. At least you hope it was dirt. 

You love your dog, and giving kisses is how he shows his love back. Enjoy it for what it is. 

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