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7 Everyday Things Only Someone Who Is "The Dog Friend" Will Understand

Being the "Crazy Dog Lady" of your pack is hard. Did I say pack? I meant friends.

Here are the honest to goodness daily struggles of, "The Dog Friend."

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1. Social Awkwardness

In reality, dogs are MUCH easier to communicate with than humans. Simple commands, and body language are all it takes to have a solid understanding of each other.

Humans, on the other hand, are way more complicated. 

You have to listen to and remember everything they've said, while forming a clever and educated response in your brain. Then you actually have to say it out loud. Witchcraft!

Once you've worked with dogs, you'll never be able to work with regular people again. Dog people will be more understanding. So, try to gravitate towards them. 

2. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

You are covered in hair 100% of the time. And that's if you're lucky!

Snot and slobber cover the knees of all your jeans, and forget about wearing shorts. Dogs are notorious for leaving bruises and scratches all over your legs. You have to plan at least a week in advance if there is any hope of showing some skin. 

Most of your clothes have a distinct smell of treats, kibble, scented poop bags, and unmentionables. Your purse even contains more doggy items than human. 

Your house is a doggy haven, and guests will never grasp the hierarchy when it comes to who gets the good spot on the couch. 

Oh, well! New things can be bought. Memories can't be re-made. 

3. Assumptions That You Are "The Dog Whisperer"

You may know more than the average bear, but you're no expert. As much as you would love to have the answers to everyone's doggy related questions, you just don't. And, for some reason, that surprises people. 

Being the dog friend of the group implies that you have the most knowledge of animal behavior, health, and trivia. In order to maintain this facade, you must constantly research and build your bank of wisdom.

Pulling out the occasionally dog training tip or trick will be helpful once the "puppy fever" spreads throughout your friends and family. You'll be bombarded by constant questions, that can easily be answered by Google. Be prepared and be patient. 

4. Vastly Different Life Goals

Where you see yourself in 10 years versus where your friends see themselves in 10 years will be incredibly different!

In 10 years, your friends will probably hope to have their own families, maybe a successful business, or be jet-setting entrepreneurs. As for yourself, 10 years is an entire doggy life-time. Your first dog will be getting on in years, and you'll be preparing to open your home up to the next. 

Maybe 10 years from now, you'll be founding your own rescue, shelter, or rehabilitation clinic. 

Whatever you do, your life will revolve around dogs, and that'll throw some people off. 

Oh, well. More sloppy wet kisses and puppy cuddles for you!

5. Lack Of Understanding For Dog Parenting

Puppy parenting is hard!

It's a disgusting, frustrating, and absolutely exhausting labor of love. Much like having a human child, raising a dog is serious business. The first few years are absolutely crucial to your dog's physical and mental development. If you slack in the beginning, you'll have months, even years of correction ahead of you. 

Unfortunately, most people don't understand the importance of being an active and dedicated parent. 

Your friends might not voice their opinions (probably because you are a terrifying dog mom), but you know they secretly have no sympathy for your situation. 

They'll be less likely to help out when needed, and even less understanding when you have to change plans due to a doggy issue. But they're still your friends, and you love them. 

One day, they'll get it. 

6. Heated Conversations About "Nothing"

"Dogs have feelings too!"

You'll find yourself saying this far more often than you'd expect. Why don't people understand that animals posses the abilities to feel human emotions? There have been countless studies and tests and ugh...

You will run out of breath before you convince a non-believer that dogs can fall in love, or feel heartache.

All you can do is try your best to explain, and provide scientific evidence and research. 

Doggy rights is another heated topic that you'll experience in your pup loving life-time. It's shocking how few people actually believe dogs deserve basic rights. 

You might not be able to choose family, but you sure can choose your friends. Surround yourself with those who believe in your core values, such as animal rights.

7. Scheduling Struggles

This is the never-ending battle between "dog friends" and "non-dog friends."

They just don't understand. 

Yes, your dog is crate trained. No, your dog can not sit in a crate by himself all day. Yes, he likes car rides. No, he can not sit in the car while you go on a shopping spree. 

Your dog has a schedule, whether it is flexible or not. He must eat at certain times throughout the day, he must have potty breaks, and he must have his exercise. As the parent, you are obligated to maintain his schedule and provide the best care possible for him. If that means you can't go for dinner and a movie, so be it!

Your dog is only on this planet for a short period of time. So, do whatever you can to make it the best time possible. 

A word of advice to non-dog friends. Imagine the dog is a baby, and everything will make sense. 

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