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10 Definitions Of Dog, According To Urban Dictionary

Oh, Urban Dictionary. The site where anyone can add a definition of something and it's up or down-voted by the community for its accuracy, or hilarity. While especially good for figuring out what kids these days are talking about when they say someone is a Trap Queen, what a Thot is, and what ROFFLCOPTER means, it can be especially amusing to look up completely normal, run-of-the-mill words and see what it has to say about them. Obviously we were curious, what are Urban Dictionary's top definitions of the word dog?


1. Well I mean, yeah...


2. Netflix and heel


3. Hey now, not all dogs


 4. Not the best grammar, but the best sentiment.


5. Indeed, who did let their dogs out? Smells weird in here.


6. Of course this one was written by someone with that username.


7. True.


8. Not untrue.

9. Wait, what?!


10. Finally, someone gets it right.


 Resource: Urban Dictionary: Dog

Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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