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10 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Getting A Dog

So you want a dog in your life? Of course you do. Dogs are the best. They are also a massive commitment and require a special kind of love and dedication. They’re not just pets. They become family. You’ve asked yourself all the questions, but you have a partner that is part of this decision. They need to be on board and you need to be absolutely sure they are.

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Here are 10 questions you should ask your partner before getting a dog:

1. Are You A Dog Person?

This sounds silly, I know. I mean, who isn’t a dog person? Honestly, though, this is the first question you need to ask. If the answer is yes, continue, if it’s no, there really isn’t anything you can ask that will change that.

2. No, Really, Are You A Dog Person?

Ask them to look deep down. The answer is there. Again, if they say yes, dig deeper.

3. Do We Have The Time? 

Dogs take up a large portion of your life once they are in it. If you don’t have the time to deal with them, they deserve to be with a human that does.

4. Do We Have The Space?

Dogs need space. They need to be able to get some exercise. They need their own little area. If you don’t have the space to accommodate them, they’ll either make it, or be miserable.

5. How Do You Feel About Poop?

Everyone poops. Dogs poop. Dogs poop a lot. How do you feel about having to pick up poop. How do you feel about 75% of your future conversations being about poop?*

*This number rises to 98% if you have children.


6. How Do You Feel About Dogs In Bed?

This may sound trivial, but if one of you wants to share the bed with your dog and the other doesn’t, it can create tension and one of you won’t be happy.

7. How Much Do You Really Care About Your Possessions?

Because this dog is probably going to destroy a lot of them.

8. What Sort Of Training Methods Should We Use?

Do you see doggy boot camp in the future or more of a DIY training? Will you be for or against crating? These are things that are good to think about beforehand.

9. Seriously Though, Are You A Dog Person?

It’s actually harder to answer than you think. Some people think they are, but you never truly know until you welcome a dog into your home.

10. Should We Use A Breeder Or Go With A Rescue?

Some people want a specific breed of dog and for that they’ll need to go to a breeder. However, if you don’t really care about that, there are so many dogs waiting to be adopted that would LOVE to join your family and love you unconditionally.*

*That being said there are many breed specific rescues that adopt out purebred dogs of all ages.

It is a huge commitment and one that needs to be discussed at length. If you aren’t ready, you’ll know. Let us know any other questions you should ask your partner before getting a dog in the comments below!

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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