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5 Truly Bizarre Facts About Dogs

Think you know everything about your beloved canine companion. Well think again! We have 5 bizarre and interesting facts that will blow your mind. You ready?

1. Fact: research shows that if your pet your dog, you can lower your blood pressure. 

2. After all these years of being told dogs can only see in black and white, we've found out that it's indeed a myth! Dogs can actually see in shades of blue, greenish-yellow, yellow, and various grays.


3. A dog paw print is just as unique as a human fingerprint. The combination of ridges and creases makes each paw very distinct.

4. Did you know that dog urine can corrode metal? Yep, it's true! The acids in the urine can break down metals over time.

5. Does your dog always spin around in circles before they settle down for a snuggle? Well it may be hard to believe but there is a reason for that. According to the SPCA, this is a nesting trait carried down from generation to generation. 

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Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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