It's true: dogs really are man's best friend and for good reason too. If you've ever had a terrible day or just need some extra cuddles or kisses, your pooch has an extra sixth sense of showing you they care because well, they do! Research has shown they are wired to understand human emotion.

So with that being said, what are some of the top ways your dog knows you better than anyone else? Well, we've got ten reasons: 

1. Got hugs
Need a hug? Then look no further than your furry friend. 

2. Natural healers
Dogs are natural healers and can sense our feelings. If you're dealing with health issues such as epilepsy, cancer, or severe allergies - then a dog might be able to help you out in a multitude of situations. 

3. Netflix and chill 
Sometimes after a long stressful week, you just want to Netflix and chill. You can bet your bottom dollar that Spot is going to join you on the couch. This is their way of showing you are part of their pack/family - how cute. 

4. Squad goals
It is natural to feel lonely or even anxious about going out. These things happen! But dogs can help reduce the feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness just by hanging out and being by your side no matter where you go. How cool is that?

5. Best friends for life
Look no further because your dog is going to be your best friend for life. Don't believe me? Well then, a new study suggests oxytocin, the love hormone, cause dogs to pay better attention to humans.

6. Motivational tools
If you need a little motivation for being active, look no further than your furry little friend. Dogs love being active and are always full of energy - so plan your walks or run with them in mind.  

7. Dogs know how to have fun
Sometimes when your friends aren't up for having any fun at all, then look no further than your best friend canine pal. More times than not, they'll act just like humans: dancing, running errands, swimming, going for hikes - you name it. Dogs just want to have fun!

8. Lean on me
Need to feel safe? Well then, you better believe that a dog will lean on a human to display their own signs of affections but also that they feel that you're someone that can keep them safe.

9. The same, but different
Dogs are likely to mimics certain behaviors as a sign of affection. So if you've ever wondered why your dog was yawning or rubbing their eyes at the same time as you, it's just them trying to show you that they love you!

10. Kisses, all day
When you need a little kiss on the cheek, guess who is there to deliver!

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