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If Breeds Had Labels: 8 Brutally Honest Titles Dogs Should Come With

We've all heard the typical breed stereotypes, and are often told to "not judge a book by its cover."

Each animal is different, and has equal opportunity to either adhere to their breed description or stray completely. But there is one thing we can't deny: These stereotypes exist for a reason. 

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, you may want to take a look at this list before making your final decision. 

Here are 8 brutally honest titles dogs should come with.


There are those who believe working breed dogs make wonderful apartment pets, and then there are those who have actually met working breed dogs. 

Working dogs are exactly what you would think: dogs with jobs. If, for some reason, they are deprived of that life purpose, they become incredibly frustrated and hard to manage.

Imagine living an active lifestyle your entire life. Everything you do revolves around exercise and work. One day, you are forced to do nothing but sit in your house. You don't understand why, but the day never ends, and, before you know it you've been locked in your house for a week. 

You would go a little crazy, wouldn't you?

That's the mind of a working dog! If you are thinking of adding a working breed to your life, we beg you to do butt-loads of research until you are certain that you are a good fit for one.

Anxious Mess

Hunting dogs are a whole other animal. They give a new definition to "love hate" relationships, because you will find yourself constantly torn between wanting to snuggle them, and wanting to give them some anti-anxiety meds. 

German shorthaired pointers, vizslas, and weimaraners all have one thing in common, and that is their "no chill." Whether you're on a hike or hanging at home, guaranteed these dogs will be stressing out over something. They might not even know what it is. 

Our advice is to give them an exercise outlet, and plenty of one-on-one time. 

High Maintenance

Toy breeds can be summed up in four simple letters. Diva! 

Hundreds of years of babying, mixed with unfortunate genetic defects, extra small dogs can be an extra large handful. How could something so tiny take so much effort to keep alive?

Just the stress of accidentally stepping on them is enough to turn a lot of people away from adopting toy pups. This also usually vetos the whole "walking" concept, as most toy dogs become purse pooches. You wouldn't want to mess up their fancy hairdo with the wind-chill anyways.

At least they aren't hard to clean up after!

Slobber Horse

We love big dogs, but we don't exactly love the buckets of slime that pour out of their jowls on a constant basis. 

These dogs are the slugs of the canine kingdom, leaving a sticky residue on anything and everything they touch. Including your brand new clothes! (I'm looking at you, Kaiser.)

Their hair velcros to everything but their bodies, they pant like the world's on fire, and they consume food by the bucket loads.

If you are considering adopting a large breed dog, also think about the incredible amount of time and money you will spend on food and laundry detergent.

The snuggles just might be worth it! 


Stinky Bed Hog

Bully farts are the absolute worst! And what's even more awful is the fact that they refuse to leave your bed. 

Your sheets will forever stink of digesting meat and whatever else they managed to scarf down that day. You can also kiss all your leg room "goodbye," because you won't be getting that back for at least 10 years. 

The most dangerous thing about these guys is the toxic gas coming from their wiggle butts. 

But how could we resist that smushy face? 

Tiny Rhino

"Tiny Rhino" is the best description anyone could ever give a bulldog. Their presence is massive, despite their small stature, and they bulldoze through obstacles like it's their job. 

They may look light, but taking a bulldog skull to the shin is probably one of the more uncomfortable things you'll experience in your lifetime. They run with full force with no signs of stopping until they can barely breathe. That's when you know it's time for a rest.

Bulldogs make great apartment pups, needing less exercise than some breeds. If you are an active person, these tiny rhinos are not for you. 

You may also want to consider investing in durable household items. 

Attitude Problem

Doodles are like the bratty teenagers of the dog world. They have "selective hearing," minds of their own, and a serious issue with talking back. 

We're serious. You will find yourself arguing with these dummies. 

Though they look cute and fluffy, doodles are probably the most frustrating breeds on the planet, and require serious training if there's any hope of becoming a functioning member of society. 

If you even think for a second that you want a doodle, plan a training schedule ahead of time, and enroll in puppy classes. You might also want to do some research on dog behavior yourself, as you are about to enter a world of frustration. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Beagles love food. They will find it, and they will eat it. It doesn't matter whether the food is on the floor, in the cupboard, on top of the fridge, or locked in a safe. They will find it. 

Beagles were bred to have a heightened sense of smell for hunting purposes. Now that they have become family pets and city pups, they use that sense of smell to wreak havoc on your unsuspecting pantry. 

What did the kitchen garbage ever do to you, beagle? 

To top it off, they are not quiet about anything. Expect some serious baying all throughout the day and night. And, whatever you do, avoid skunks like the plague. 


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