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10 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Life Of The Party

If it isn't obvious how much we love dogs over here at World of Angus, well then let me tell you - we love dogs! So you won't be surprised to know that at every party we have, man's best friend makes a casual appearance mostly because they are the life of the party. Don't believe us, check out this top 10 list we've compiled below:

1. Dancing kings and queens
Who doesn't love watching one of their pups dance along to their favorite songs or better yet having one of their furry friends dance with them.

2. No need for a doorbell
Rather than leaving your door open, your dog will be right there to greet everyone and give everyone a warm welcome. Who doesn't love that?

3. Time for an adventure
Your dog will never turn down the chance for a fun, party time adventure. If it's a pool party or a picnic - no adventure could be too big or small. 

4. Will help up with cleaning
You don't have to worry about cleaning up after the party. Your furry friend will be there to help you clean up any messes you have before, during, or after.

5. The most perfect karaoke partner
Need someone to come up and sing with you during karaoke? Why not do a duet with your dog. It will be adorable and hilarious all at the same time.  

6. Great icebreaker 
Feeling a bit nervous about conversation with others. Your dog might be the perfect way to make an introduction to others in the room. 

7. Love a good theme
Who doesn't love a good theme? If it's a Halloween or Christmas party, you can guarantee that your little pooch is going to want to get dressed up as well. Time to get out the Santa costume!

8. Let me take a selfie
You know that if you need a companion for your selfie, your dog will be right there with you to provide the perfect partnership.  

9. Cuddles abound
So if you're looking for cuddles, look no further than your dog. If you're all sitting around watching a movie or just taking a break - who doesn't like to take a time out for cuddles.

10. Energy levels
Just when you think you might not have the energy to go on, your dog is giving you life. Yes, they have so much more energy than you do and they are inspiring you to keep going!

Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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