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8 Best Gifs Of Labradors Being Labradors

When you're feeling a bit down and out, what can make your day brighter than GIFs of dogs. But even better yet, GIF's of Labradors. We have searched the internet far and wide for some of the most adorable and precious ones, so get ready to have your heart melt. 

Look out, here comes the very first one and it's pretty cute! Photo via Tumblr.

We love this chocolate Lab's loving gaze! Photo via Giphy.

Who can resist a pile of Labrador puppies? Photo via Tumblr.

The ultimate in Squad goals. Photo via Tumblr.

 Now this is what we call teamwork! Photo via Giphy

 Pay attention to me!  Photo via Tumblr.

And now it's time for a little snooze.  Photo via Rover.

Omnomnom.  Time for treats!  Photo via Giphy.

Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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David Poluga
David Poluga

February 12, 2021

Please provide source documentation for your “squad goals” photo. This was taken from my phone without permission and we are trying to find the theft.
Thank you

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