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8 Owners Confess The Most Embrassing Things Their Dog Did

Generally speaking, our little furry bundles of joy can be the best thing that has ever happened to us, but sometimes there are those rare moments of sheer embarrassment. Today on World of Angus, we talked to eight owners who shared their stories of doggy disasters and hilarious embarrassing moments. 

Here are a few that they told us about:

Lindsey V. of Toronto tells us: On one of our daily walks, my little guy George tried to eat a wasps nest. Let's just say that was not a very fun day. 

Liam L. of Toronto shares with us: One night while I was at home, the dog ate a used condom out of the trash bin. I don't know who was more embarrassed - me or him. 

Léonie L. of Toronto shares with us: My dog has and continues to rest his penis on people's feet. In elevators, total strangers and people that come over. He just throws his back legs over the foot and straddles it. It's slightly embarrassing but also kind of hilarious. 

Christopher D. of Toronto explains to us: When things get overly happy, or silly in the house - our cocker spaniel Boots will grab a pillow and hump it. Last night, I caught her on the bed twerking. It was profound. 

Norah S. of Toronto tells us: My fluffy dog loves to drag his caboose on the ground, shuffling himself along in front us, like he's dancing. It's kind of hilarious. 

Jennifer B. of Toronto shares with us: My pug, Tank, once ate a gently used condom that my boyfriend had laid on the nightstand. The following morning, I was walking him along a busy street when he was having trouble making his morning poo. Well, as you can imagine - he expelled this unfortunate treat and it was left hanging 3/4 out of his butt. I had to yank the rest of it out. So many people were staring at us, I didn't think it could get more embarrassing than that.

Peter B. of Toronto explains to us: I took my German shepard on a car ride with me and I had to stop off at the grocery store for a quick moment. Just as I was coming back to the car (and opened up the back door), she darted out and into the store (as I ran off after her). She made it to where the cashiers were and in an excited panic, she peed everywhere.

Tina A. of Toronto shares with us: Brought my little pup to a brand new dog park which I was so excited to take him to. He ran in and walked up to this women sitting on a bench. Lifted his leg and pissed all over her. I have never been more embarrassed in my life. We never went back to that park ever again.

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