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10 Constant Struggles of Owning a Little Dog

Sure, they're compact, light, and easy to carry. But owning a little dog comes with its very own set of struggles that we know all pocket-pup parents face. And while their adorable antics and tiny nose kisses surely make up for it, here are just some of the daily obstacles associated with small dog ownership that we know all too well! 

1. If you can walk up the stairs without tripping, everyone deserves a cookie.

Everyone who owns a small dog knows the struggle. Whether your hands are full with bags of groceries or you’re trying to break in your new heels, we all know that small dogs take these opportunities to weave in and out of your legs at lightening speed. A simple flight of stairs can really make a small dog owner wonder if what is on that second floor is really worth getting to or if sitting on the couch is enough.

2. Laundry day is just another term for scavenger hunt.

No responsible dog owner wants to admit losing their dog, especially in their own home. But when your six pound chihuahua is the same color as your new cable knit sweater well, things happen! What often starts off as a simple load of laundry can quickly turn into a full home inspection complete with bedroom closet makeovers and under the couch flashlight investigations. Like searching for a needle in a haystack, a lost laundry day pup will have small dog owners checking even the most ridiculous places in their homes.

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3. Small dogs give fat cats the ego boosts they definitely don’t need.

While cats are known to rule the roost - or at least think they do, nothing compares to a cat living with a small dog. Felines have some of the largest egos in the animal kingdom and are truly a species that have a vast misunderstanding as to just who owns whom. As every cat parent knows, their feline is in charge and has been since day one - but add a small dog into the mix and your kitties kingdom has just gained one more minion. Unlike large dogs, small dogs are more likely to follow suit and bow down to their new feline leader.

4. Formalities need not apply, apparently.

Though it seems large dogs are usually approached with caution, whether on the street or at the park - often times their smaller comrades are not given the same treatment. A common misconception is that little dogs are much more approachable than their larger companions. This of course, is simply untrue and small dog owners have been preaching the word to anyone who will listen. When meeting a new dog, one should always ask their owner if the dog is comfortable around strangers, and all dogs, no matter their size, breed, color, or coat should be handled with respect.

  • 5. Looking for a running partner? Think again.

  • While little dogs typically have a lot of energy, small dog owners can tell you that it is more often than not contained in small, erratic, and unfortunately timed doses. That is to say, if you’ve come home from a long day of work and are ready to crash on the couch and watch some Netflix? Well, your small dog may just be ready to run a few laps around the yard. But try and strap a leash on your Frenchie and you may discover that investing in a sidecar for your bicycle is a better idea.

    6. Bundling up in winter takes as just as long for your dog, as it does for you.

    No one likes to think of how cold Canadian winters get, and that's a fact. The thought alone sends shivers up our spines! But the reality is, if you're freezing, your little dog is too! While it would be tempting to teach your dog how to use a treadmill, regular outdoor exercise in the winter will not only help your pup avoid the ever inevitable cabin fever, but will ensure that both you and your dog remain happy and healthy during the winter months. Small dogs often require thick coats and rubber boots to keep them warm and the extra layers will keep their pads from being damaged by salt.

    7. Going anywhere with your dog will add an hour to your commute.

    Now everyone thinks that they have the cutest dog, and while no one is wrong - it seems the smaller the dog, the more stares they receive! So while you may think that you're taking a quick trip to the florist, let it be known that the world of strangers outside your apartment have a different plan for you altogether. Take it from us - when planning errands or a quick trip on the subway, make sure to add an extra 10 to 15 minutes at each stop for those around you to stop and gather. Remember, the fluffier your dog is, the more pats on the head he will receive. 

    8. No, your dog isn't a human baby... but the temptation is real. 

    Whether you are a single, young person gearing up for parenthood, or an empty-nester whose children have left their bedrooms open for you to turn into a doggy-den, it's time for you to face the reality that your little dog is in fact, not a human baby. Small dog owners know, as easy as it is to fall into that trap it is just as difficult to climb out of. What starts off as cradling your tiny dachshund in your arms can quickly escalate to dressing him up in a variety of outfits, feeding him out of your hands and swaddling him into a blanket like a burrito every night. 

    9. Like chips, you can’t have just one little dog. 

    Yes, you got a small dog because you live in a condo and they take up less space. But surely three small dogs still take up less space than a great dane or German shepherd! We've all been there. This is an argument that happens to the best of us with the majority of our friends and family. And who really knows which side is correct? All we know is that our dogs are just so much happier with a playmate... or four. And really what else is more important than that?  

    10. People often mistake your macho man for a pretty princess.

    Have you ever heard of a male Pomeranian? Well, neither have we. Unfortunately, many people seem to associate small, especially fluffy dogs with being female. At the risk of giving your dog an identity crisis at the ripe age of five, we suggest accepting the fact that he may be labelled as a sweet baby girl for as long as he lives. But hey, what he doesn't know can't hurt him - right? 

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