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10 Guaranteed Ways To Annoy Anyone In Dog Rescue

Thousands of volunteers across the world dedicate their free time and lives to helping the plight of homeless dogs. However, not everyone feels as passionate about helping dogs as other people do and can say some pretty crass things. Here are ten ways to absolutely annoy any dog rescuer.


1. Tell them how you can't adopt a rescue dog because they are all damaged goods.

This one does not go over well.

2. Tell them you are getting a rescue dog but you're on a waitlist since the dog breed you want is so popular but it's the only dog you could ever possibly get.

Getting on a waitlist for a rescue dog is like making a reservation to eat at a fast food place. They are everywhere. 

3. Ask a dog rescuer to re-home your dog because you're not into your dog anymore.

Major face palm here.

4. Tell the dog rescuer why it's important that your dog remain unfixed and that 'accidents happen'.

As the emails from pounds with homeless dogs roll in...

5. Tell a dog rescuer that you are thinking about breeding your dog, you know, just for fun.

Nothing fun about the millions of dogs that die every year.

6. Dogs aren't meant to live indoors.

They weren't meant to live isolated in a backyard either.

7. Tell them you were going to adopt a dog but it was just easier to buy a dog.

Easier doesn't save lives.

8. Tell them dogs are a waste of money and that they are wasting their time.

Your local dog rescuer will have no words for this one.

9. Ear cropping makes dogs look tough.

There's a reason why many states and provinces are banning this act.

10. Tell them you think mutts are weird and ugly .

You've mistaken weird and ugly for adorable and cute!

Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone


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