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13 Signs You Have The Best Relationship With Your Dog

You love your dog more than coffee, tacos, chocolate, the beach, and napping. But do you and your dog have the BEST relationship? Here are the top 13 signs that you're both madly in love with each other, forever.

1. Your dog is the only thing that can wake you up for any reason and you won’t mind (that much) and you will still love it.

“Whaaaa? You need me to wake up? Just to pet you? Did you have a bad dream? My poor baby. You’re so cute, come ‘ere.”

2. Your dog is the only one who you’d ever get out of the house for before your morning caffeine.


“You need to pee at 5 a.m.? Ugh, Ok fiiiiiine, let’s go.”

3. Your love for your dog and its need for a walk is the only thing that makes you willing to brave any weather conditions.

Heat wave? Rain? Sleet? Hail? Full on Snowmaggedon? Just let me find my winter boots, hat, scarf, two sweaters, and put on five pairs of socks…

4. Your pup is the only one you’d ever dream of sharing your favorite food with.

Your friend wants a bite of your pizza? "HELL NO, this is MY pizza, get your own damn pizza." But your dog? It gets its own entire slice…meat-lovers', of course.


5. You love wearing matching outfits.

Don’t judge, you know it’s cute AF.

6. Anyone you are friends with or date has to be cool with you going home early to walk/hang out with your dog.

They just need to pee every night at 11:30 p.m., sorry! They do this thing where they sit and stare out the window and wait for me to come home and I just can't have fun with that on my conscience...

7. You both love marathoning the same TV shows and movies together…

Or at the very least, they love hanging out with you while you do.

8. Your friends have learned that they are 100x more likely to actually see you if it’s a dog-friendly hangout.

Movie date? Ehhh... coffee or a picnic at the dog park? Now we’re talking.

9. You sleep together…or at least have matching beds.

Even if you don’t snuggle up with your pup in your actual bed, they have their own matching one nearby and you spend 90% of your time cuddling on the couch anyway…

10. You talk to them when no one else is around…and sometimes when they are.

Political and philosophical debates, celebrity gossip, inter-sectional feminism, would-you-rather, sharing opinions on which park is the best, and whether or not you should text the person you’re seeing again, just to, you know, make sure they’re OK, because you haven’t heard from them in a few days, and maybe they’re like, in a hospital somewhere?!

11. You have a slightly-disturbing number of pet-names for them and baby talk them, even in public.

“Who's my wittle snuggle-muffin, munchkin-face, smooshy-wooshie, cuddle-bear?? YOU are! Yes you are!”

12. You only have eyes for them

The camera-roll on your phone... and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter… are 80% pictures of your dog and 20% pictures of you WITH your dog. And you show them to everyone you meet as if it’s your child.

Who wants to look at pictures of HUMAN babies, anyway? Fur babies are at least 300x cuter.


13.  You would never let anyone come between you and your pup.

Friends, lovers, jobs, they all wax and wane and come and go. But the bond between you and your dog? Now THAT’S forever.



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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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Glenda Galahan
Glenda Galahan

April 07, 2016

All of these are things I do for my dog on a daily bases. My husband even made a set of wide steps so she could get up in the bed. I have a very tall four posted bed and now that she is getting old it has become to hard for her to jump that high. So now she can climb the steps and get up there. Of course it is harder for me to make the bed but that is fine.

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