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6 Reasons Why Dogs Make Amazing Hang Over Buddies

You've had a messy night and you're paying the consequences the next day. Don't worry, a dog has your back and is a very supportive hang over buddy. Here are 6 reasons why dogs make amazing hang over buddies.

1. No Judgement

They won't judge the decisions you made the night before.

2. No TMI

Hang overs can be gross and ugly but dogs don't mind. They can't hold your hair but they'll lie on the bathroom floor with you.

3. Fresh Air

When you're feeling up to it, your dog will gladly accompany you on a walk to get you moving and some fresh air!

corgi pup

4. Greasy Food

Your dog can't make you a plate of eggs but they will happily go with you to pick some up and help you clean your plate.

5. Sleep It Off

Your dog will happily sleep it off and nap the day away with you.

6. Netflix & Chill

Want to lie in your sweats and watch Breaking Bad? No problem, dogs make excellent couch partners.

Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone


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