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Ridculous Dog "Driving" Lawnmower Interrupts Tornado Newscast with Giggles.

Last week, in the wake of a series of tornadoes that wreaked havoc in the state of Texas, Andrea Martinez, reporter at the local news station KYTX, in Malakoff, got to see something out of the ordinary. She was covering damage in her local area when, while the camera was rolling, she spotted a beacon of hilarity that cut through the somber mood and brought smiles to everyone’s faces: an uber chill dog hanging out on a tractor.

Despite being surrounded by the debris and destruction post-tornado, this silly dog, who is perched on this tractor and posing as if he’s a friendly farmer driving it, gave everyone on set a good laugh. Dogs really never fail to make you feel better in times of trouble, whether through unconditional love or acting silly.


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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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