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8 Ways Your Dog Can Show How Much They Love You

Not all dogs show their affection in human-like ways, so in order to help you understand your dog's true behavior and understand their undying affections, we're explaining of the 8 ways dogs can show how much they love you: 

1. Sleeping in your bed
If your furry four-legged friend is trying to get up into bed with you, it's more than likely because you make them feel safe and they want to show their love and affection. 

2. Jump up and jump on
So we've always heard from dog trainers that jumping was a big no-no when it comes to dogs. However some have also said that it is a behavioral thing that your dog is showing excitement and joy for the family they are a part of. 


3. Lean on me
Like an old dependable pal, if your pooch is leaning on you, it's showing that they seek comfort, security, and affection from you. Now let's cue the Bill Withers track - shall we. 

4. Wagging tails
You know those excited tail wags you see all the time - it's a good sign! When a dog is wagging his tail loosely, this shows their comfort and excitement and says they are happy you’re around!


5. Stares longingly at you
According to Brian Hare, a well-known dog expert, when a dog stares longingly into your eyes that is there way of hugging you. How adorable!

6. Follow the leader
When your dog seems to shadow you wherever you go, don't be worried or concerned, that is just their way of showing their devotion to you.

7. Licking your face
Who doesn't love kisses! So dogs may lick or kiss to groom you but more often than not, it's a sign of love and affection.


8. Freaking out when you arrive home
We've all thought it, let's not lie, that when a fuzzy friend is freaking out on your arrival home, it probably has to do with something other than you. Well, wrong! One of the most distinctive ways a dog shows you their love is by showcasing how excited they are to see you when you arrive.

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