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8 Quirky & Fun Places To Spend Time With Your Dog

Have you always wanted to spoil your pooch with an outdoor date that is a little bit out of the ordinary? Well we've got a list of ten places you may have never imagined to take your dog out for before: 

1. An Outdoor Splash Pad or Fountain
So while this one may seem like a total no-brainer, especially during the hot summer months, splash pads or fountains are great way for dogs who love playing in water to cool off, release some energy and have fun.

2. Road-Trip Companion
If you're looking for a road-trip companion, then look no further than man's best friend. Find a place to go hiking and take a journey together. Take all the necessities and secure your dog inside the car ahead of time. 

3. Outdoor Sporting Event
As the summer months slowly creep upon us, more and more people are beginning to play sports outside like baseball, soccer, or kickball. Why not partake in cheering from the sidelines alongside your furry friend. 

4. Surf's Up!
If you're an active person and have a pet that loves the water, then you might want to look into paddle boarding with your dog. Fearless pups can hop on board as their owners paddle out and hang 10, so to speak. Challenging, yet so much fun.

5. Pet friendly hotels
More and more cities are becoming pet friendly and offering pet friendly lodging and hotels. Feel like you want to have a special weekend away but don't want to abandon your furry buddy - then fear not! 

6. Treat yo'self
If you just want to treat your canine friend to a bit of pampering, then a dog spa and pet grooming place is just the ticket for your day out with your four-legged friend. 

7. Shopping, yes shopping!
Strolling around lovely outdoor neighbourhoods with local shops is one way to take your pooch out but also it's one way for your both to explore your amazing city (and potentially meet new friends). The great thing about this: some stores even allow dogs to come inside and shop with you!

8. Canoeing or boating
Headed out onto the water? Why not take your furry one with you? Just remember - a life jacket is absolutely necessary. Each journey is totally different - for a canoe trip, you would require a dog that doesn't mind sitting for long periods of time. 

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