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8 Cuddly and Adorable Facts You'll Want To Know About Corgis

While it is the Queen's favorite breed of dog, we're sharing with you the top eight cuddly and adorable facts that you're going to want to know about corgis on World of Angus today. Trust us, it's a good one!

1. No tail required
Pembroke Corgis have very short tails or no tails at all, and are often born this way.

2. Part of the Royal Family
Corgis have been part of the British Royal Family for over 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis since she was a young child.

3. Related to Vikings
It’s true! Evidence suggests that Corgis are descended from spitz breeds brought by Vikings to what is now the United Kingdom.

4. Smart cookie
Statistically speaking, the corgi is ranked the 11th smartest dog behind the cattle dog and rottweiler. Not bad!

5. Oh so husky!
It has been reported that corgis share a common ancestry with the formidable Siberian husky, so they have an athletic build and can be shockingly fast runners.

6. Go shorty
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the smallest of the herding breeds at just a foot tall.

7. What does that stand for?
The Welshmen who developed the breed came to call it "dwarf dog" due to its long, thick body set on short, stubby legs. The name "Corgi" comes from combining the Welsh "cor" ("dwarf") and "ci" ("dog").

8. Fairies swear by them
According to Welsh legend, Corgi’s are an ‘enchanted dog’ with the markings on a corgi’s coat suggest the faint outline of a saddle and harness.

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