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Big Fluffy Cat Is The Leader Of The Pack...Of Tiny Chihuahuas!

The Yuta Family are taking the internet by storm. This adorable pack of seven Chihuahuas is led by one tough-looking, fluffy cat and they are appropriately called "The Boss and The Gang." With that much cuteness running around and posing for pictures, it's not hard to see why they have 27,000 Instagram followers and over 2,000 Facebook fans.

This happy little family hails from Bangkok, Thailand, and informed Mashable that the dogs were adopted from different litters, but were all raised as one big happy, fluffy family. It's easy to see from their photos and videos that they all really love each other and get along.

 They've got posing for cute photos down to an art.

 And they clearly love lounging around out together, in costume of course!

 They all get bathed by The Boss.

And they even all go shopping as a team. On their shopping list? Tuna, chicken, dog treats, milk. 

They often take walks all together. 

Though sometimes they're too lazy to walk, and opt for a some group stroller-action. 

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And after all that hard work, they relax on the same big pillow.

They love dressing up. 

Sometimes even in matching outfits!

More recently, two new cats have joined the crew, so The Boss isn't so outnumbered. 

They even all love sleeping together. CUUUUUUTE!!!

Make sure you follow YutaFamily on Instagram and like them on Facebook for even more cute photos and videos of this adorably pet family who are using their internet fame to gather money for animal charities!

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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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