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Babies vs. Dogs: 5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing To Adopt Dogs

As the next generation to take over the world, millennials have decided to break the trend of early pregnancy and over-population. With dogs. 

There is a common saying that dogs are practice babies. But what if we blew that completely out of the water? There are already 7 billion people on this planet, and almost as many dogs waiting for their furrever homes. Maybe we could just skip the babies altogether.

1. Cost

Babies are EXPENSIVE, and children are even more so. Did you know the average cost of childcare in Canada is $1,200 per month? That's a lot of diapers! 

The most expensive, top quality dog food is $100 for 28 lbs. Enough to feed a large, active dog for an entire month. Even with pricey dog daycare rates, raising a pup is much less costly than raising a child. 

2. Commitment

We don't like to talk about this often, but most dogs are only on this planet for 10-14 years. If you are the parent to a large breed dog, you understand that the life expectancy is even shorter. 

The only positive spin we can put on this is that you can give 8-10 dogs (back to back) incredible homes over your lifetime!

As for children, that commitment is increased substantially. Since most children out-live their parents, you will have to take care of a child until the day you die. 

3. Entertainment

Babies might do something cute every once in a while, and the toddler gibberish is amusing, but you can't cut a hole in a box and watch your child jump in and out of it for hours on end. 

In fact, there are a lot of things you can't do! Try hiking with a baby for more than 40 minutes without pulling out every last strand of your hair. Or letting your child chase a flock of geese across a field without someone calling you a bad parent.

Dogs are the best kind of fun and we are starting to figure that out. 

4. Social Lives

Dogs are the perfect common ground for people who might not necessarily want to leave their apartments. Dogs force you to go outside and see new things, which could lead to actual human interactions. Dog parks and beaches are a hot spot for young dog parents looking to make friends. 

Take that, mommy groups! 

5. Rate of Growth

This one is a no brainer! Why would you want to wait five or six whole years until your child is walking and talking all on their own, when you could whiz by that stress in a matter of months?

The early stages of puppyhood are messy, but we'd take two months of pee pads over two years of dirty diapers any day. Puppies learn to be self sufficient within their first year, and usually overcome any bad behaviours in the second. (As long as they have the proper training, of course.)

Only a crazy person would endure the stress of a human child on purpose.

Dogs rule. Babies drool!

Be sure to pick up your fur-baby from the local rescue or animal shelter.

Pictures from: Angus Off-Leash

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