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11 Pitch-Perfect Dog Reaction Gifs

Dogs are nothing if not expressive. Anyone who's ever owned a dog knows how emotive they are; from puppy-dog eyes begging you for a piece of your sandwich, to the guilty look they give you when they-know-you-know they've done something naughty. This means that dogs have some of the best reaction faces of any animal, so we scoured the internet for some of the best ones.

1. When you see your Tinder date in person and they look more like a creature from Cabin in the Woods than their profile pic.

2. When you're trying to look cool at lunch and the awkward new kid sits at your table.

3. When your hot-mess friend has one-too-many and you and your girls gotta pretend you don't know her.


4. When you're sitting in a restaurant and your ex walks by holding hands with their new bae.

5. When your mom cooks something weird for dinner and she says "just try it."

6. When you're hungry AF and you've been waiting forever and the pizza dude finally rings the doorbell.

7. When you walk into the kitchen and your roommate's eating the chips with your name CLEARLY sharpied on them.

8. When your friend is a tiny shrimp, but as soon as there are ladies around he starts posturing like he got mad swag.

9. When your friend is annoying as hell and completely oblivious.

10. When you're ticklish and your friend won't stop giving you the squingly-fingly.

11. When your friends have been teasing you for hours and you finally lose it.

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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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