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14 Dogs Show You How To Get Valentine's Day Right

Valentine's Dog... I mean Day, is upon us and who better to show us how to get it right than the masters of unconditional love: dogs. They may be silly, but boy are they cute, and they really know how to lay on the charm. They invented the well known 'puppy-dog-eyes' move for goodness sake! We've put together the top 14 dogs who really got Valentine's Day right, so you can take a page out of their book and learn how to do it right.

Dog Tip #1: Strike your best pose and pucker up


Dog Tip #2: Ask your lover to sit for a sexy portrait



Dog Tip #3: Little known fact - chocolates and puppies are aphrodisiacs


Dog Tip #4: The only thing better than actual flowers is a fur-quet.



Dog Tip #5: Hand made Valentines can lend a personalized touch to your present


Dog Tip #6: Writing a heartfelt poem is a great way to show someone you care



Dog Tip #7: A flirty outfit can really help set the mood for your hot date


Dog Tip #8: Scattering roses on the bed can really set a romantic tone for the evening


Dog Tip #9: A cute card, complete with a heart warming pun is a definite must.


Dog Tip #10: If you aren't much of a poet, re-writing a classic with your own couple in-jokes can be a great way to tell someone how you feel about them


Dog Tip #11: Give a single rose and some puppy-dog-eyes to the one you adore and you might not be a bachelor for long


Dog Tip #12: Balloons and a cute outfit are a great way to start your date


Dog Tip #13: Always make sure to tell the one you love how you truly feel


Dog Tip #14: Once you've done all the above, snuggles are the perfect end to a perfect evening


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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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