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15 Hilarious Canine Definitions From Urban Dictionary

For many, Urban Dictionary is the go-to site for funny and occasionally inappropriate definitions for our favourite human words. But what about dog terminology? Here are the 15 funniest dog definitions from Urban Dictionary!

1. Barking Dogs

“Very sore or tired feet.”

These puppies sure have barking dogs after a full day at the park.

2. Dogacratic

“A form of government where a majority of dogs decide what is acceptable.”

The big dogs have established a dogacratic society at the dog park!

3. Dog and Bone

“Cockney rhyming slang for phone - the telephone.”

Would you please pick up the dog and bone? It’s been ringing non-stop!

4. German Shepherd

“A nickname for Pope Benedict XVI… German shepherd is a pun on the Pope’s German background and his role as shepherd of the Christian church, and it plays on the practice of some members of the media calling him a rottweiler during his days as head of the CDF.”

I’m not a German Shepherd, but I can pretend to be the Pope!

5. Dogalanche

“When a group of two or more excited dogs race down a path/stairway/hallway/whatever.”

I saw a dogalanche coming my way at the dog park and had to run the other way!

6. Dogpleganger

“A dog bearing a striking resemblance to its owner.”

Wow, that Shar-Pei is a dogpleganger of Amy’s baby!


7. Dog Blocking

“Dog blocking is when a girl's dog prevents you from getting laid by lying between you and her in bed. Dog blocking may include the dog doing anything that kills the mood and draws the girl’s attention away from you and your penis, for example, getting sick, needing a walk, or just being cute.”

My dog was dog-blocked by another husky at the dog park today!

8. Pooch

“Beautiful stomach fat… cute and fun to poke.”


This dog’s big pooch is making it hard to run!

9. Puppy Fever

“The debilitating desire to get a puppy, to the point of illness, obsession, or purchase.”

Trying to resist the pull of puppy fever!

10. Puppy Dust

“A thunderously loud fart that expels a large cloud of poop-dust.”

I swear I’m not responsible for the puppy dust!

11. Doggulp

“When a dog takes advantage of being left unattended for hours, minutes, even milliseconds, and impulsively even frantically starts to swallow everything in site, specifically but not limited to, socks, shoes, garbage cans, cups, toilets, lamps, furniture legs, homework, condoms, and the carpet.”

When you doggulp a pizza and hope no one notices…

12. Great Dane

“To climb upon, or tackle an individual for no apparent reason. To climb in another’s lap unannounced.”

 I want cuddles!

13. Hot Dog

“Someone who likes to show-off or standout. Can be used as a synonym for douche bag.”


Two kinds of hot dogs. 

14. Dogostrophe

“In the same sense as catastrophe but when a dog is responsible for the problem.”

Dogostrophe or catastrophe?

15. Dogovitch

“A nickname of a dog that is very sir like and formal. Usually a male dog is referred to this.”

Sir Dogovitch is super classy and working on his golf game today!


All GIFs sourced from Giphy.

  1. Angus Off-Leash 4. Dogster 6. Viralnova 7. Angus Off-Leash 

Genevieve Yam
Genevieve Yam


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