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Things You Might Notice Your Dog Does For Their Sibling

Canine siblings, just like their human counterparts can be known to get into tiffs, they can butt heads, and argue in their own way. But just like humans, doggy siblings are also there for each other, even it they don't want to admit it. Here are some things that you might notice your dog does for his sibling that shows he really cares!

Clean his ears

When you live a life of rough-housing in the yard, digging up flowers in the dirt, and spending time at the beach in the sand, your ears can get pretty filthy! And what's worse when you're a dog is that you can't even clean them yourself! However, if you have more than one dog, you may notice that they will help each other out in the grooming department, by licking each other's eyes and ears. Sometimes a form of submission, this behavior also shows affection and respect amongst your pups! 

Deflect an unwanted playmate

Just like human siblings, dogs who live together can often have wildly different personalities. Typically, dogs will work amongst themselves to establish a hierarchy in the home, at the park, or instantly when meeting another animal. So if you have two dogs, chances are one is more of an alpha and the other is more reserved. However, this usually works to their advantage. If for example, your shy dog is approached by a playmate he'd rather not play with on a walk, more than likely your alpha will step in and play with the dog to save his brother from a potentially awkward moment. 

Letting the other eat first

One of the most selfless and heart-warming things a dog can do for another, this behavior is often reserved for mothers. Just like human mothers, canine mothers will always let their pups eat before they do. However, if your dogs are siblings and are exhibiting this chivalrous act, then you have got some very special pups on your hands, especially if they are not related by blood! Making sure that their sibling has a chance to eat before they do shows signs of respect, love, and care. 

Reining them in when they’ve gone too far

Every dog has a different level of what is called "recall." Recall is a dog's ability to come to their owner when called, either by a command or by their name. When off-leash, dogs may attempt to test their boundaries and sometimes consciously choose not to hear their owner when they've been asked. A good sibling will know when their brother or sister has decided to be a brat, and will often chase after them to herd them back home to safety. It is this bond that you often hear of in the news when a dog saves the life of another in danger and should be enforced positively! 

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