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7 Words You May Have Spelled in Front of Your Dog

Yes, dogs are smart. We all know that! But did you ever think the day would come when they would learn how to spell? If your vocabulary has been limited due to your dogs ability to apply to whatever canine version of Mensa is sure to exist, then make sure to check out our suggestions below! 

1. D-I-N-N-E-R

So your dog has learned what the words dinner time, means. Luckily for us there are tons of other words we can use in it's place, such as supper, meal time or even late lunch if you want to get creative. As long as you don't replace the actually dinner, this one should be easy!

2. W-A-L-K

This is a word that most dogs will react to in a super excitable way. What's better than a nice, brisk walk after all? It's basically all they live for. Repercussions of accidentally saying this word in front of your dog without the intention of taking them out are dyer, and thus the word should not be uttered unless you are leaving right that instant. Instead, try substituting it with words like hike, or stroll.

3. T-R-E-A-T

Another popular one amongst pups of all shapes and sizes, is the word treat. If your dog is especially fond of the word, chances are his shape and size is likely large, but that's a story for a different day. If he has caught on to the spelling of the word, you can also use terms like cookie, snack, biscuit or confection if you like to think outside of the box!

4. O-U-T-S-I-D-E

Speaking of outside of the box, that brings up another word that shouldn't be taken lightly. To a dog, outside is just the best place on Earth! Whether it's a field, in the yard or even a parking garage, most, if not all dogs know the word outside and can associate it with fun, freedom and joy. Unfortunately, synonyms for this particular word are scarce so you may have to get tricky. We suggest using the phrase "not indoors" whenever possible!

5. C-A-R

Maybe it's their lack of hands or drivers permits that cause them to feel this way, but what is up with dogs and their fear of car rides? Even whispering the word can send a dog into complete shock. And lets say your pooch is one of the rare but special canines to love being on the road, the word car is still high priority on the list of those you need to spell. Damned to spell if they do, damned to spell if they don't as they say!

6. B-A-T-H

Spelling the word bath to avoid confrontation these days, doesn't just apply to kids. Everyone likes for their dogs to look their best, but jeez - at what cost? Saying the word itself can send a perfectly normal dog into a spiral of uncontrollable behaviour if he is afraid of water. We suggest using alternatives such as giving your dog a soak, or a shower. 

7. V-E-T

Of course, we saved the most dreaded word in a dog's vocabulary for last. Obviously no dog in his right mind wants to go to the vet, but what about going to the doctor? Or the clinic? Using different variations of the word may ease your dog into attending his annual checkup, that is.. until he pulls up to the building. In that case, a blindfold may be of better use to you. Whatever your trick may be, we wish you g-o-o-d l-u-c-k!  

Bianca Roy
Bianca Roy


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