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The Top 10 Things People Say to Their Dogs on a Daily Basis

Whether you've said it once, or you've said it a thousand times, well... chances are you have said it a thousand times. Outside of their commands, there are some things that our dogs hear from us every day, and these are the top 10! 

1. What’s in your mouth?

Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, it seems they always have something in their mouth. Now, getting them to tell us what it is and fishing it out? Well that's another story. 

2. Not for puppies!

Have you just come home with two tubs of ice-cream? Not for puppies! Passing a dead squirrel on the sidewalk that your dog absolutely needs to sniff? Not for puppies! Unfortunately for dogs it seems that all the best things in life are, not for puppies.

3. Sorry, boy.

When you're used to spending all of your time with your best pal, sometimes you can start to feel guilty doing the silliest things without him! Even if it's just going grocery shopping, when your dog gives you his best puppy dog eyes, the only thing you can say is sorry.

4. Leave it!

Though most dog owners would hate to admit it, something that is likely said multiple times a day, is leave it. And leave what exactly? Anything! That giant stick your dog brought home from the dog park and wants to bring inside? Leave it! The cat's tail? Definitely leave it!

5. Let's go!

One of the most fun things you can say to your dog every day insinuates that you will be going on an adventure, and who doesn't want to do that? Let's go, is a sure way to to pump up your dog for the what the day has in store and see that big beautiful smile!

6. Where’s mama?

For some reason, this is something that we all tend to say from time to time. Unless of course, you're a papa. Even if you're the one asking, and you're standing right in front of your dog, seeing their reaction to your question, whether bewildered or excited is sure to brighten your day. 

7. Who wants a treat?

We do! We do! Who doesn't want a treat, now that is the better question! While treats should of course be given in moderation, we think that at least one per day sounds about right and we think your pup would have to agree!

8. Who made this mess?

While the answer to this question is usually painfully obvious, asking our dogs who made the mess in the living room just seems to be the most common reaction. And whether they own up to it, or hide in shame matters not. Time heals everything, we get over it and move on... until the next mess happens.

9. Who’s a good boy?

Despite all of the 'leave its', the messes, the 'not for puppies', no dog owner can refrain from asking their pooch this very universal question. Of course, the answer is always the same - but boosting your dog's confidence is a fantastic thing! 

10. I love you

As something some of us don't even remember say to our spouses every day, I love you seems to be on the top of our list of things we say to our canines. And if we don't say it necessarily in this exact fashion, everyone tends to say it in their own way. Whether it's "What a goof" or "Man, you're so weird" we're sure your dog knows what you really mean, you big softie. 

Bianca Roy
Bianca Roy


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